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Switzerland publishes list of ‘high risk’ travel quarantine countries China Kuwait US Israel Russia South Korea Ireland Thailand Peru Germany Canada Bulgaria France Romania Armenia UK Australia Iceland South Africa Morocco Chile Japan Italy Iraq Rwanda Saudi Arabia Macedonia Kosovo Serbia Brazil Azerbaijan Norway Argentina Qatar New Zealand Colombia Tunisia Bolivia Switzerland Montenegro Honduras Dominican Republic Oman Algeria Cyprus Belarus Croatia Bahrain Uruguay Panama Moldova Cape Verde Liechtenstein 6h
UK to allow quarantine-free travel with nearly 60 countries — but not the U.S. China US UK Portugal 1d
Iran agrees to pay families of victims on downed plane, says Sweden Iran Ukrania 2d
Sweden: Iran to compensate Ukraine plane crash victims Iran Ukraine Ukrania 2d
Iran agrees to compensate downed plane victims' families: Sweden Iran 2d
Sweden opens inquiry into failure of no-lockdown coronavirus strategy 2d
Sweden's prime minister orders an inquiry into the failure of the country's no-lockdown coronav... 2d
H&M wins trust of Bangladeshi apparel exporters Bangladesh 2d
More could have Covid immunity than tests suggest 3d
Coronavirus ban: Anger in Sweden at Danish double standards Denmark 3d
Coronavirus: Immunity levels 'higher than antibody tests suggest', according to Swedish study 3d
Coughs and racial slurs: Sweden's foreign residents reveal abuse for wearing face masks 4d
'We used to shout back: No, you get 'em off!' – Girlschool on 40 years of rocking 4d
Huawei loses out in Singapore 5G bid Singapore 4d
Greece won’t allow direct flights from UK, Sweden until July 15 UK Greece 4d
Russia denies nuclear plant leaks after higher than normal radiation levels in Europe Russia Finland Norway 5d
Greece extends UK flight ban for two more weeks due to high coronavirus cases UK Greece 5d
Greta Thunberg: World Leaders Want Selfies With Climate Activists to ‘Look Good’ Germany UK 6d
Tiny antibodies found in ALPACAS could stop second wave of coronavirus South Africa 6d

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Sensors detect radiation coming from region including St Petersburg Finland Norway Denmark 6d
Portugal, Sweden and Turkey fighting to secure 'air bridges' with the UK UK Portugal Turkey 1w
Saudi Arabia ranked Arab world’s best country for women in 2020 Saudi Arabia 1w
Sweden turns on WHO for saying it had suffered 'very significant resurgence' of Covid-19 1w
Sweden rejects WHO coronavirus risk warning 1w
Sweden slams the WHO for ‘total mistake’ virus risk list decision 1w
'The world went crazy' with lockdowns, says Swedish coronavirus expert 1w
'Total mistake' to include Sweden in WHO warning 1w
Swedish exceptionalism has been ended by coronavirus | Erik Augustin Palm 1w
Swedes rapidly losing trust in Covid-19 strategy, poll finds 1w
Bringing Eurovision to the big screen 1w
10th Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo declared over; vigilance against fl... China US Ireland Germany Canada UK Italy Luxembourg Norway Switzerland Denmark Democratic Republic of the Congo Republic of Korea 1w
Barbecue bans across most of Sweden as temperatures soar 1w
Sweden’s Covid Expert Says ‘World Went Mad’ With Lockdowns 1w
Greta Thunberg Says Covid-19 Should Be Global Wake-Up Call to 'Act With Necessary Force' to Tac... 1w
'We ALWAYS have room for a champion': AC Milan want 'fantastic' Zlatan to STAY in Italy despite... Italy 1w
Your Tuesday Briefing 1w
Sweden Tries Out a New Status: Pariah State 1w
Heatwave on the way for Sweden after record warm Midsummer 1w
What has Greta Thunberg been doing in lockdown? - BBC News 2w
What has Greta Thunberg been doing in lockdown? 2w
'Concern' as coronavirus cases confirmed in visitors to Ireland from UK and Sweden Ireland UK 2w
EU coronavirus rescue talks slow as 'frugal four' oppose issuing debt Netherlands Austria Denmark 2w
Approval Wanes for Sweden's Lax Coronavirus Policies - DER SPIEGEL - International 2w
Sweden, Where No Lockdown Was Ordered, Becomes Second Most-Infected Country 2w
Swedes snubbed as Nordic neighbours open their borders 2w
Global report: Germany orders local Covid-19 lockdowns as Spain boosts tourism sector Germany Spain 2w
Sweden to lift travel curbs to 10 European states at end of June 2w
Denmark will open to most European nations except Sweden, Portugal Portugal Denmark 2w
Foreign Minister Ann Linde on Sweden's coronavirus policy: 'We managed to flatten the curve' 2w
Sweden to lift travel curbs to 10 European countries from June 30 2w
Europe’s SECOND WAVE fears: New Sweden COVID-19 spike hits after cases were 'almost zero’ 2w
The king is dead! Long live… Greta? Swedish former mayor calls for replacement of Charles XII s... 2w
Has Sweden's coronavirus strategy failed? | FT 2w
What Sweden got wrong – and right – in the coronavirus fight 2w
Has Sweden's coronavirus strategy failed? 2w
North Korea could have 40 nuclear weapons, Swedish think tank says North Korea 2w
Sweden’s Prime Minister Rejects Criticism of Coronavirus Strategy 2w
'We want to know more': Zlatan facing investigation for 'breaking coronavirus rules to enter lo... Italy 2w
He helped Kim’s chimp quit smoking; now he’s coaxing the leader out of his cage North Korea 2w
Sweden records first week with no excess mortality since pandemic struck 2w
Sweden’s handling of coronavirus drives some people to relocate     2w
Rheumatoid Arthritis drug may cure COVID-19, a recent study - Top Facts Today 2w
Fears for Volvo Expose Sour Turn in Sweden’s Ties With China China 2w
Norway snubs COVID-19 hotspot Sweden in lifting travel curbs - ET TravelWorld Finland Norway Denmark 2w
Swedes may have rigged PISA test results 2w
Decades-long cover-up continues of assassination of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme 2w
Spider-Gret? Newly discovered Madagascar arachnid named after teen climate activist Madagascar 3w
New spider species named after Greta Thunberg 3w
Sweden and Poland only EU countries that have not passed their peak Poland 3w
Sweden and Poland only EU nations who STILL haven’t reached Covid-19 peak – EU health watchdog Poland 3w
Norway snubs COVID-19 hotspot Sweden in lifting travel curbs Finland Iceland Norway 3w
In Sweden, Where No Lockdown Was Ever Implemented, Coronavirus Cases Reach Record High 3w
Flamur Beqiri murder: Swedish kickboxer in court accused of Christmas Eve murder in Battersea 3w
COVID-19: Sweden indignant as Finland excludes it from travel curb easing Finland 3w
Finland lifts travel restrictions from neighbours except Sweden Finland 3w
Olof Palme murder: Sweden thinks they know who killed former PM 3w
Olof Palme killing: This was not the closure Swedes hoped for 3w
Sweden: Prosecutors name man who killed Olof Palme 3w
Prime suspect in murder of Swedish PM Olof Palme 'now dead' as case finally closed 3w
Gunfire reported at Swedish shopping mall in suspected robbery 3w
Greta Thunberg urges Canada, Norway to step up on climate change ahead of UN vote Canada Norway 3w
Swedish police investigating reports of shots fired at shopping mall 3w
Swedish PM says hopes trauma of 1986 Palme murder can now begin to heal 3w
Swedish investigators name suspect in 1986 assassination of prime minister 3w
Olof Palme: Stig Engstrom named as main suspect in 1986 killing of Swedish prime minister 3w
Sweden drops probe into 1986 murder of Prime Minister Olof Palme 3w
Swedish prosecutors identify chief suspect in Olof Palme case 3w
After 34 Years, the Killer of Olof Palme Is Finally Named 3w
Sweden drops probe into unsolved 1986 murder of PM Olof Palme 3w
Sweden closes 30-year murder mystery over killing of ex-PM Olof Palme 3w
Sweden closes probe into 1986 murder of PM Olof Palme, suspect dead 3w
Swedish prosecutor names killer of PM Palme, closes 34-year case 3w
Swedish prosecutors to close Olof Palme murder inquiry 3w
Sweden: We believe we know who killed PM Palme 3w
Sweden drops 34-year investigation into murder of PM Olof Palme 3w
Sweden to reveal results of 1986 Olof Palme murder investigation 3w
Olof Palme: Is the 34-year mystery of who killed Sweden's PM about to be solved? 3w
Injecting coronavirus patients with survivor blood speeds up recovery Finland 3w
Sweden hopes to find out who killed prime minister Olof Palme in 1986 3w
Factbox: Swedish Prime Minister Palme, the man and the murder 3w