Latest stories about Kazakhstan

For some Chinese Muslims, fleeing doesn't end trouble China 23h
Kazakhstan government is now intercepting all HTTPS traffic | ZDNet 1d
Woman 'steals newborn girl' from hospital and 'tries to sell her to strangers' 4d
Chernobyl hero watched HBO drama in 'tears' before 'taking his life' 4d
Powerful X-ray telescope launches to map cosmos Russia 6d
Astana peace talks on Syria meeting to be held in early August – Moscow Russia Syria 1w
Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan expand cooperation in tourism Uzbekistan 1w
International reserves of Kazakhstan down by nearly 9% 1w
Kazakh disabled woman detained for protest: reports 1w
EU and Kazakhstan advance new Central Asian strategy Kyrgyzstan 1w
Kazakhstan offers to hold OSCE meeting on Afghanistan in Nur-Sultan Afghanistan Slovakia 1w
Russia gives green light to the 2000km motorway that will connect Europe to China China Russia Belarus 1w
Oblast of Russia to increase trade turnover with Kazakhstan Russia 1w
Nepal businessman to develop tourism in Kazakhstan's Shymkent Nepal 1w
Aluminum products manufacturing to be launched in Kazakhstan 1w
Meat import down in Kazakhstan 1w
Georgia to import wheat from Kazakhstan to meet internal market demand 1w
Kazakh Interior Minister Says Police Detained More Than 100 Protesters On July 6 1w
Sugar plant worth over $225K to be launched in Kazakhstan 1w

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Investments in Kazakhstan's Shymkent city to exceed $2B 1w
German brand products to be manufactured in Kazakhstan Germany 1w
Eurasian Development Bank to participate in gas supply of Kazakhstan's regions 1w
Kazakh plant to begin producing bioethanol 1w
Number of Kazakh tourists to Georgia exceeds 30 thousand 1w
Kazakhstan to develop entrepreneurship via Azerbaijan's model Azerbaijan 1w
How bidaicoin will change agriculture of Kazakhstan 1w
Top EU Diplomat Stresses Good Partnership In Central Asia Uzbekistan Tajikistan Kyrgyzstan Turkmenistan 1w
After Detentions, Top EU Diplomat Tells Kazakhstan To 'Improve Human Rights Standards' 1w
Detentions In Kazakh Capital As It Marks City Day, Ex-Leader's Birthday 1w
Dozens Detained In Kazakhstan's Largest City On Ex-Leader's Birthday 1w
Detentions In Kazakhstan On Ex-Ruler's Birthday 1w
Dozens of protesters arrested at rallies on Kazakh leader's birthday 1w
Kazakh Court Orders Current Time Reporter To Leave Country 1w
Dozens Detained In Antigovernment Protests In Major Kazakh Cities 1w
Dozens detained in anti-government protest in Kazakhstan 1w
Income of National Fund of Kazakhstan triples 1w
‘Made in Kazakhstan’ brand to enter foreign markets 1w
Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan hold talks on demarcation of borders Uzbekistan 2w
Net external debt of Kazakhstan down by nearly $150M 2w
Military forces leave Kazakh Arys following disastrous explosion 2w
Innovative paper manufacturing project launched in Kazakhstan 2w
Kazakhstan's region to renew agricultural machinery 2w
Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan increase trade by more than 20% Uzbekistan 2w
EBRD's investments in renewables of Kazakhstan exceed $370M 2w
Kazakhstan to renovate local passenger terminal in co-op with major company 2w
Karachaganak Petroleum Operating to fund reconstruction project in Kazakhstan 2w
Salt complex launch rescheduled in Kazakhstan 2w
Kostanay airport of Kazakhstan to see territory expansion 2w
Paper manufacturing in Kazakhstan reaches nearly $68M 2w
New passenger terminal to be constructed at Kyzylorda's airport of Kazakhstan 2w
Kazakhstan and French Total agree on cooperation extension France 2w
Kazakhstan to automatize control of heavy cars transport 2w
Kazakhstan to increase cargo traffic from China China 2w
Kazakhstan to expand vegetable oil production 2w
UN hails Kazakhstan’s Jusan operation as an example for other countries Syria 2w
Kazakh airlines company to increase passengers transport volume 2w
Warehouses complex to be constructed in Kazakhstan 2w
Kazakhstan, Japan to launch direct flights Japan 2w
Uzbek Ravon Nexia R3 for the first time assembled in Kazakhstan presented in Almaty Uzbekistan 2w
Kazakhstan to develop local equipment manufacturing 2w
GPS project for tracking livestock launched in Kazakhstan South Korea 2w
Fuel spill accident takes place in Kazakhstan 2w
Hydropower plant to be constructed in Kazakhstan 2w
U.S. To 'Strengthen' Ties With New Kazakh Government US 2w
Cars manufacturing to be increased in Kazakhstan 2w
Kazakh cars manufacturer talks electric cars 2w
Kazakh pipeline construction 50% done 2w
Kazakhstan backs renewal of OPEC+ oil production cut deal Saudi Arabia 2w
EU and Kazakhstan hold business dialogue 2w
Kazakhstan appoints representative on Caspian Sea issues 2w
OPEC+ agreement won't affect Kazakhstan - official 2w
Over 100,000 tourists from Kazakhstan visit Turkey in January-May Turkey 2w
Food prices increase in Kazakhstan 2w
Alternative energy sources to be launched in one of Kazakhstan's region 2w
Russian Aerospace Defense Forces successfully test new anti-ballistic missile 2w
Abu Dhabi-Based Oil Company's Chief Apologizes To Kazakhs After Brawl 2w
Kazakhstan rewrites its alphabet to shed its Soviet past 2w
Osaka out! Japanese star falls at first hurdle as she loses to Putintseva at Wimbledon Japan 2w
Kazakhstan to launch new "green" project 2w
Ceramics manufacturing to be modernized in Kazakhstan 2w
Ruble purchases down in Kazakhstan 2w
Cost of exploration work in Kazakhstan could exceed $1M 2w
Construction work on Tengiz field of Kazakhstan suspended 2w
Kazakhstan to expand direct flights with Turkey Turkey 2w
Building mixes manufacturing to be increased in Kazakhstan 2w
Brawl in Kazakhstan oil field leaves 30 Arabs wounded Lebanon 2w
Lebanon and Jordan urge Kazakhstan to protect oil-field workers after mass brawl injures dozens Lebanon 2w
Foreign Workers At Kazakh Oil Field Evacuated After Brawl Lebanon Jordan 2w
Face of 'bear den' man is revealed after doctor's psoriasis revelation 2w
Brawl in a Kazakhstan oil field leaves 30 Arabs injured Lebanon 2w
Russian doctor says emaciated man 'attacked by a bear' is actually his patient suffering from c... Russia 2w
Video: Lebanese and Jordanian workers in Kazakhstan beaten up Lebanon Jordan 2w
Dozens Injured When Brawl Erupts During Worker Protest At Kazakh Oil Field 2w
Pension Fund of Kazakhstan purchases Eurasian Development Bank's bonds 2w
Kazakhstan's GDP growth index exceeds 103% 2w
New projects to develop Kazakhstan's "economy of simple things" 3w
Residents of Kazakhstan's Arys return home after ammo depot explosion 3w
Kazakhstan to develop Alakol Lake tourism 3w
Ministers of Economy of Turkic Council to hold meeting in Kazakhstan 3w
Residents Return To Kazakh City After Ammo Blast 3w