Barack Obama

44th President of the United States of America more on Wikipedia

Why do the US even have a vice president? US 5h
Biden's relationship with Obama offers a guide to his running mate search 1d
How Biden's time with Obama may influence his VP pick 1d
'That speech was ridiculous': Trump slams Obama eulogy for John Lewis 1d
Trump trashes Obama's Lewis eulogy that pressed for voting rights 3d
Rattled Trump launches attack on Obama after former president's eulogy 3d
Obama's half-brother rips ‘cold and ruthless’ sibling and urges US to vote Trump US 5d
Barack Obama's Kenyan half-brother rips him as 'cold and ruthless' Kenya 6d
'John Lewis was exceptional': Obama, Clinton & Bush pay tribute at funeral in Atlanta US 6d
Teenager arrested for Twitter hack that targeted Elon Musk, Kanye West and Barack Obama US 1w
'He worked on the side of the angels': John Lewis remembered at funeral in MLK's church US 1w
3 charged in high-profile Twitter hack targeting Barack Obama, Bill Gates, others US UK 1w
The 17-year-old from Florida was behind the biggest hack in Twitter history US 1w
Three guys behind the Twitter maxi-hack US UK 1w
Barack Obama makes a ringing call for voting reform - Financial Times 1w
Florida teen 'mastermind' arrested in connection with massive Twitter hack 1w
Trump claims he has done 'much more for minorities' than Barack Obama 1w
Twitter hack: US and UK teens arrested over breach of celebrity accounts US UK 1w
Obama calls Trump 'racist, nativist and sexist' at private campaign event, report says - The In... US 1w

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Tampa teen arrested in hack of Twitter accounts of Obama, Bill Gates and others 1w
Florida teen charged with twitter hack that affected accounts of Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Elon... 1w
John Lewis funeral: Barack Obama calls for voting reform and filibuster's end in rousing eulogy... 1w
Barack Obama takes swipe at Donald Trump during funeral of John Lewis 1w
Obama, Clinton and Bush to attend John Lewis's funeral - but not Trump 1w
Obama, Bush and Clinton speak at funeral for congressman John Lewis US 1w
Obama eulogy makes thinly veiled digs at Trump 1w
Obama slams an absent Trump in eulogy for US civil rights icon John Lewis US 1w
Obama delivers powerful eulogy for John Lewis slamming police brutality and voter suppression US 1w
Barack Obama: John Lewis fought for our highest ideals | Barack Obama 1w
Obama turns John Lewis funeral into DNC event, wants automatic voter registration, end to ‘Jim... 1w
End US voter suppression - Barack Obama US 1w
Barack Obama uses eulogy for John Lewis to outline voting rights plan 1w
Obama's jab at Trump gets standing ovation 1w
Barack Obama makes a ringing call for voting reform 1w
US presidents pay respects to civil rights pioneer John Lewis US 1w
Watch live: Barack Obama to give the eulogy as former presidents attend the funeral of John Lew... US 1w
Barack Obama calls for voting reform and filibuster’s end in rousing eulogy at John Lewis' fune... US 1w
Barack Obama lashes out at Donald Trump for 'attacking democracy' in astonishing speech 1w
Barack Obama lashes out at Donald Trump for 'attacking democracy' in astonishing speech 1w
John Lewis funeral: Obama, Clinton and Bush pay tribute – watch live 1w
Live updates: John Lewis' funeral 1w
Former presidents arrive at John Lewis funeral to pay tribute to civil rights hero 1w
John Lewis: Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey lead tributes to civil rights hero 2w
Barack Obama leads tributes to civil rights leader John Lewis – live 3w
Former presidents pay tribute to civil rights giant John Lewis 3w
How the massive Twitter hack may have happened 3w
Watch Barack Obama give John Lewis Medal of Freedom 3w
Twitter is investigating whether hackers BRIBED an employee 3w
Twitter locks down accounts with password changes in last 30 days after massive bitcoin scam ha... 3w
The new age of autocrats US Russia Germany Spain France UK Greece England Hungary Poland Austria Venezuela bohemia 3w
Bitcoin hacking attack raises new alarms over Twitter's role in 2020 election 3w
Twitter hack: Bitcoin scam targets Elon Musk, Joe Biden and Barack Obama 3w
High-profile US Twitter accounts targeted in bitcoin scam 3w
Twitter silences some verified accounts after wave of hacks US 3w
Twitter hacked in major breach, accounts of Obama, Biden, Gates, Bezos, Musk, others taken over 3w
Apple, Musk, Gates, Bezos, and Everyone You’ve Ever Heard of Hacked 3w
Donald Trump sparks dementia claims after blaming Barack Obama over Covid tests US 3w
Twitter users outraged at President Trump for ‘blaming COVID-19 on Obama’ 3w
Trump complains Biden and Obama stopped coronavirus testing even though it didn't exist during... US 3w
‘You should be ashamed’: Obama’s ex-adviser slammed for celebrating NYC triumph over Covid ‘fro... 3w
Donald Trump drives golf cart with caddie hanging off the back 3w
Benjamin Netanyahu’s son takes center stage in corruption sagas Israel Kenya 1mo
Obama advises listening to the 'experts' when celebrating the Fourth 1mo
Barack Obama's book will NOT be published before the election 1mo
Meet the black female ex-police chief Joe Biden could pick as running mate 1mo
Meet the black female ex-police chief Joe Biden could pick as running mate 1mo
Barack Obama says 'protests and politics go hand-in-hand' in powerful Stonewall speech 1mo
Barack Obama Delivers Special Message To LGBTQ+ Community US 1mo
‘Chicago worse than Afghanistan’: Trump blasts high crime rate in ‘Democrat-run’ cities, says i... US Afghanistan 1mo
Queen Elizabeth Was Moved To Tears By A Gift From The Obamas US 1mo
So it wasn’t ‘by the book’? Strzok notes reveal Obama & Biden were involved in FBI going after... 1mo
Trump's unhinged 'treason' accusation against Obama 1mo
Barack Obama brings his star power to Joe Biden's presidential campaign - Financial Times 1mo
Obama raises $11 million for Biden's presidential bid, underscores 'urgency' US 1mo
Joe Biden and Barack Obama raise $7.6m at virtual fundraiser 1mo
Trump falsely accuses Obama of treason in latest unfounded attack on his predecessor 1mo
Trump says he will again try to end DACA after Supreme Court loss 1mo
South China Sea alert: How Obama lost region to Beijing as expert reveals it’s ‘too late’ China US 1mo
Top Pentagon policy nominee has a history of Islamophobic and offensive comments 1mo
Trump signs police reform order, says 'tiny' number of police are bad 1mo
12 false claims Trump has made about Obama since last month 1mo
Melania Trump wishes army happy birthday but not husband whilst absent from family photos 1mo
Taylor Swift: 'Racial injustice has been ingrained in US state government' US 1mo
Obamas urge class of 2020 to 'create a new normal' after coronavirus and George Floyd – video US 2mos
Obamas respond to George Floyd protests in speeches 2mos
Joe Biden says ‘10-15 per cent' of Americans 'not very good people’ 2mos
Obama: "You matter, your lives matter, your dreams matter" US 2mos
Barack Obama says US George Floyd protests offer opportunity to change America US 2mos
Obama speaks up in support of young Americans demanding racial justice US 2mos
Barack Obama: 'You matter, your lives matter, your dreams matter' – video US 2mos
Obama joins virtual town hall to discuss police brutality US 2mos
Barack Obama discusses police brutality in virtual town hall – watch live US 2mos
Obama urges mayors to act at local level in town hall address US 2mos
Obama to discuss George Floyd death and policing in virtual town hall tonight 2mos
Opinion: US racism part of everyday life US 2mos
Obama condemns violence and police brutality 2mos
Former U.S. President Obama condemns violence at protests US 2mos
Obama responds: 'Let's not excuse violence, or rationalize it, or participate in it' 2mos
Obama called ‘slave’ by Qatar’s ex Emir Hamad bin Khalifa in leaked Gaddafi recording Qatar 2mos
Barack Obama says George Floyd's death 'cannot be normal' and asks for justice US 2mos