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The Catalan Government insists on the recommendation not to travel to areas with a worse epidem... 1d
"Sagrada Familia will be finished someday" 5d
Quim Torra: Until the last day in Catalonia 6d
Catalan President rejects elections and deepens crisis 6d
The Catalan opposition assumes that the Supreme Court will disqualify Torra and asks for electi... 1w
Catalan separatists: brothers at war 1w
Catalan separatists rally amid coronavirus crisis in Spain Spain 1w
Train lines vandalised in Catalonia ahead of pro-independence rallies 1w
Slowed down by Corona, quarreling among themselves: the Catalan independence parties are having... 1w
Barcelona may have won the contract battle but, make no mistake, Lionel Messi will win the war 2w
The new Catalan Minister of Business opens criticizing the vice-president Aragonès 2w
Messi's Barcelona future 'difficult', says footballer's father 3w
Carles Puigdemont breaks with old party Belgium 3w
Catalan independentist Carles Puigdemont breaks with his party amid strategic differences 3w
Messi situation: Barcelona ace Lionel Messi REFUSES to attend training, COVID testing amid exit... 3w
Beleaguered Barcelona president Bartomeu 'willing to RESIGN' in desperate bid to persuade wanta... 3w
Barcelona 'to demand world record transfer fee' for Messi as club and wantaway star set for all... 4w
Lionel Messi tells Barcelona he wants to leave the club 4w
Lionel Messi tells Barcelona he wants to leave club immediately 4w

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The Prosecutor's Office appeals to the Supreme Court the third degree of the seven independence... 4w
Citizens, from winning the Catalan elections to yearning for a coalition with the PP in just th... 1mo
'Messi wants to leave IMMEDIATELY!' Barcelona ace DEMANDS Camp Nou exit following Champions Lea... 1mo
Josep María Argimon, a veteran of health management who has overturned the Catalan strategy aga... 1mo
The Generalitat extends massive PCR tests to two Barcelona neighborhoods 1mo
The "red bishop", protagonist of liberation theology, died 1mo
Demand from Spain: Belgium rejects extradition of Catalans Spain Belgium 1mo
Belgian court rejects extradition of ex-Catalan minister to Spain Spain Belgium 1mo
The illegal surveillance of Catalans should worry all Europeans Spain 1mo
Ex-Mossos chief seeks to distance himself from Catalan independence leaders 1mo
Spanish prime minister announces date of meeting with Catalan premier Spain 1mo
¿Qué? podcast, S04E2: A new Catalan trial and Vox’s idea for a parental veto 1mo
Spanish PM to negotiate with Catalan separatists on lowering sedition sentences Spain 1mo
Catalan premier refuses to comply with Supreme Court decision to strip him of seat 1mo
Civil Guard colonel slams actions of Mossos chief during Catalan independence drive 1mo
Jailed Catalan leader speaks in parliament on Article 155: “It did nothing to stop us” 1mo
Catalan premier challenges regional parliament by refusing to give up seat despite ban 1mo
Catalan premier announces snap election amid dispute over role as deputy 1mo
Montilla insists on maintaining his former identity office while working for Enagás and asks th... 1mo
The EU agreement strengthens the Government's plan to approve the Budgets with its investor par... 1mo
Catalan separatists sue Spain's ex-spy chief over phone hacking Israel Spain 1mo
Barcelona tells residents to stay at home to cut off rise in cases and avoid new full lockdown 2mos
Who has been using spyware on Catalan independence campaigners? Spain 2mos
Barcelona residents urged to stay home during voluntary lockdown 2mos
Former Catalan president amassed huge fortune through crime, judge says 2mos
Spanish deputy PM urges investigation into Catalan spyware claims Spain 2mos
Spyware attack on Catalan leaders’ cellphones triggers political storm in Spain Israel Spain 2mos
Catalan politicians to sue former Spanish intel chief for wiretapping them via ‘Pegasus’ spywar... Spain 2mos
Spain’s intelligence service has spyware program that targeted Catalan politicians Israel Spain 2mos
Two Catalan politicians to take legal action over targeting by spyware Spain 2mos
Global report: Barcelona facing new lockdown as Tokyo raises alert level 2mos
Catalan government imposes new restrictions as virus cases rise - Financial Times 2mos
Second Catalan politician says phone was targeted by spyware 2mos
Catalan government imposes new restrictions as virus cases rise 2mos
Top Catalan politician accuses Spain of spying Spain 2mos
Catalonia orders home confinement in Lleida after Spanish court says measure is unlawful Spain 2mos
Spain's Catalan leader demands probe into phone-tapping reports Israel Spain 2mos
Calls for inquiry over claims Catalan lawmaker's phone was hacked 2mos
Two Algerian citizens arrested in Spanish anti-terror operation Spain Algeria 2mos
Catalan politician says Spain would be complicit in a crime if phone-hacking proven Spain 2mos
Catalan politician suspects that he was target of state phone tapping Spain 2mos
Top Catalan politician says alleged attack confirms fears about Spanish state Spain 2mos
Phone of top Catalan politician 'targeted by government-grade spyware' 2mos
Spanish judge blocks new Covid-19 lockdown in Catalonia Spain 2mos
Lockdown and racism go hand in hand in Catalonia 2mos
Catalonia's coronavirus lockdown casts doubt on return of tourism | ITV News Spain 2mos
Coronavirus: Spain puts Catalan region in new lockdown after surge in cases Spain 2mos
Catalan district with 200,000 residents becomes first in Spain to be put under local lockdown a... Spain 2mos
Two businessmen caught flooding Barcelona’s supermarkets with fake condoms 2mos
Jailed Catalan separatist leaders may be placed in more flexible prison regime 2mos
Barcelona legend Xavi 'agrees to replace Quique Setien' as coach of Catalan club – reports 2mos
Pep Guardiola accuses Premier League of double standards over yellow ribbon ban as BLM division... 2mos
A Spanish bar becomes popular with African workers, and the locals walk away Spain 2mos
Hundreds of workers protest Nissan closure in Barcelona Spain 3mos
Spain’s Constitutional Court to review sedition sentences for Catalan independence leaders Spain 4mos
Catalan authorities confine 70,000 residents of four municipalities in bid to slow coronavirus... 6mos
Exiled Catalan leader issues independence call near Spanish border Spain 6mos
Thousands attend rally in France for exiled Catalan leader France 6mos
Thousands rally in France for exiled Catalan leader Puigdemont France 6mos
Madrid talks with Catalan leaders in bid to break deadlock 6mos
Jailed Catalan independence leaders get time out of prison 7mos
Barcelona on the brink of civil war? Social media scandal will fuel speculation surrounding Mes... 7mos
Ancient carvings of scores of animals unearthed in Spanish cave (PHOTOS, VIDEOS) Spain 7mos
"We will be independent," Catalan regional leader says 7mos
Catalan pro-independence leader Torra promises snap election, refuses to give up seat over diso... 7mos
Catalonia separatists set to end Spain's political deadlock Spain 8mos
Belgium suspends extradition warrant on Catalan independence leader Puigdemont Belgium 8mos
Catalan president barred from holding office by Spain’s electoral board Spain 8mos
Belgian court suspends extradition of former Catalan leader Puigdemont Belgium 8mos
Catalan president faces being removed from office Spain 8mos
Spain electoral commission seeks to remove Catalan president Spain 8mos
Brussels court annuls arrest warrant against ousted Catalan leader Puigdemont Belgium 8mos
Belgian judge suspends warrant for Catalonia’s Puigdemont Belgium 8mos
Spain court bars Catalan president from holding office for 18 months Spain 9mos
EU court rules that Catalan leader was jailed improperly Spain 9mos
Catalan separatist leader jailed by Spain had immunity as an MEP: EU court Spain 9mos
EU court to rule on jailed Catalan leader's rights Spain 9mos
If Kosovo, Albania & Macedonia are considered for EU membership, why not independent Scotland &... Macedonia Kosovo Albania 9mos
Catalan party moves to back Spanish coalition Spain 9mos
Amnesty International Calls on Spain to Release Two of the Jailed Catalan Leaders Spain 10mos
Amnesty International calls on Spain to release two of the jailed Catalan leaders Spain 10mos