Oath Keepers

US far-right anti-government militia organization more on Wikipedia

Former 'Jesus Christ Superstar' actor with Oath Keepers ties acquitted of all charges in Jan. 6... US 2mos
New Jersey Oath Keeper who stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6 pleads guilty to felony charge 3mos
Oath Keeper who guarded Roger Stone before Jan. 6 attack gets more than 4 years in prison US 3mos
USA: Capitol striker and member of the Oath Keepers condemned US 4mos
Jury deliberations in second sedition trial against Oath Keepers set to begin Thursday 8mos
Alaska lawmaker with Oath Keepers ties eligible for office 9mos
Trial starts: Alaska lawmaker with Oath Keepers ties 9mos
Hundreds of people on leaked Oath Keepers member list worked for DHS, report finds 9mos
Hear the promises Stewart Rhodes made to his lawyers before Oath Keepers trial 9mos
US jury finds Oath Keepers leader guilty of seditious conspiracy US 9mos
Oath Keepers Jan. 6 sedition case moves to closing arguments US 10mos
Stewart Rhodes makes unprompted joke about sex with lawyer during Oath Keepers trial 10mos
Witness: Oath Keepers head tried to reach Trump after Jan. 6 10mos
Oath Keepers member: Capitol riot was historic, spontaneous US France 10mos
Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes tests positive for Covid-19, delaying trial at least a day 11mos
Testimony: Oath Keepers ready to use 'any means necessary' 11mos
Oath Keepers leader in touch with Secret Service in late 2020, ex-member testifies 11mos
Oath Keepers founder: Be 'ready to fight' after Trump loss 11mos
Capitol riot jury picked for 1st seditious conspiracy trial 11mos

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Capitol riot sedition trial underway for Oath Keepers leader 11mos
'Fighting fit': Trial to show Oath Keepers' road to Jan. 6 1yr
'Fighting fit': Trial to show Oath Keepers' road to Jan. 6 1yr
Oath Keepers lawyer Kellye SoRelle pleads not guilty to Jan 6 charges US 1yr
Wife of indicted Oath Keepers founder calls him a ‘sociopath’ 1yr
Head of far-right militia Oath Keepers charged with sedition over Capitol riots US 1yr
US indicts founder of far-right group Oath Keepers for sedition in Capitol siege US 1yr
FBI arrests extremist Oath Keepers' leader over Capitol riot US 1yr
Leader of Oath Keepers group arrested in connection with Capitol attack 1yr
USA. Washington complains extreme right-wing militas for the attack on police officers during t... US 1yr
Proud Boys and Oath Keepers sued over Capitol attack 1yr
DC attorney general sues Proud Boys and Oath Keepers members to recoup costs related to January... US 1yr
Trump impeachment lawyer defending man in Capitol riot US 2yrs
Heavy metal guitarist is first US Capitol rioter to plead guilty US 2yrs
Prosecutors allege Oath Keepers leader and Proud Boys coordinated before Capitol attack US 2yrs