Nawaz Sharif

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imran: Amid Ukraine stand-off, Imran Khan off to Moscow for talks with Putin Pakistan Ukraine 4mos
Pakistan government asks Shehbaz Sharif to provide medical reports of Nawaz Sharif within 10 da... Pakistan 5mos
Maryam Sharif slams Pakistan PM Imran Khan for relying on 'conspiracy and plotting than peoples... Pakistan 5mos
PML-N rules out Nawaz Sharif's return from UK till 'full recovery' Pakistan UK 10mos
Pakistan's anti-graft body reopens money laundering case against Maryam Nawaz Pakistan 1yr
Pakistan PM Imran Khan, military generals to be responsible if anything happens to Maryam: Nawa... Pakistan 1yr
Will live in Pakistan, won't go abroad, says Maryam Nawaz Pakistan 1yr
Osama bin Laden used to finance, support Nawaz Sharif, reveals former ambassador 1yr
PDM rally: Nawaz Sharif slams Pak Army for political meddling Pakistan 1yr
Pakistan court declares Nawaz Sharif proclaimed offender Pakistan 1yr
Nawaz Sharif made several unscheduled hospital visits this week Pakistan 1yr
She's beautiful...but spent taxpayers' money to fix herself: Pak minister on Maryam Pakistan 1yr
Nawaz Sharif a 'jackal' trying to create 'rebellion' in Pakistan army: PM Imran Khan Pakistan 1yr
Pak soldiers did not even have weapons during Kargil war, claims Nawaz Sharif Pakistan 1yr
Who is Maryam Nawaz, the face of Pakistan's anti-government movement? Pakistan 1yr
Pakistan calls on UK to deport Nawaz Sharif  Pakistan UK 1yr
Two parallel governments control Pakistan: Former PM Nawaz Sharif Pakistan 1yr
Pakistan army to probe opposition allegation of pressuring police Pakistan 1yr
Pakistan demands UK send ex-PM Nawaz Sharif home to be jailed - Financial Times Pakistan UK 1yr

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Pakistan demands UK send ex-PM Nawaz Sharif home to be jailed Pakistan UK 1yr
'Shocked' Senior Pakistani Police Officials Protest Arrest Of Exiled Ex-PM's Son-In-Law Pakistan 1yr
Nawaz Sharif's daughter Maryam booked for holding anti-govt rally in Pakistan Pakistan 1yr
Shehbaz Sharif sent to jail in money laundering case Pakistan 1yr
Pakistan court says no for publishing proclamation against Nawaz Sharif in 2 UK newspapers Pakistan UK 1yr
After Nawaz Sharif's Daughter's Fiery Speech, Her Husband ''Arrested'' 1yr
Son-In-Law Of Exiled Former Pakistani PM Arrested Pakistan 1yr
"You Packed Up Our Government": Nawaz Sharif To Pak Army Chief Pakistan 1yr
Disgruntled Pakistan PM Imran Khan accuses Nawaz Sharif of 'maligning 'army leadership Pakistan 1yr
Pakistan's united opposition protests against Imran Khan's rule Pakistan UK 1yr
Pakistan ex-PM accuses army chief of toppling government as opposition protests kick off Pakistan 1yr
Pakistan court asks Nawaz Sharif to appear by November 24 to avoid being declared proclaimed of... Pakistan 1yr
Pakistan ex-president charged for corruption, ex-pm with sedition Pakistan 1yr
Pakistan’s ex-PM Sharif, daughter & party leaders face charges of ‘conspiracy against country’... Pakistan 1yr
Pakistan: Police file sedition charges against former PM Nawaz Sharif Pakistan 1yr
Ex-PM Nawaz Sharif, daughter face sedition charges for criticising Pakistani military Pakistan 1yr
Pakistan’s Khan accuses rival Sharif of ‘playing India’s game’ - Al Jazeera English India Pakistan UK 1yr
Pakistan’s Khan accuses rival Sharif of ‘playing India’s game’ India Pakistan 1yr
Pakistan’s former prime minister accuses army of political interference Pakistan 1yr
Pakistan court orders seizure of Nawaz Sharif's assets in Toshakhana graft case Pakistan 1yr
Pak PM tasks authorities to ensure Nawaz Sharif's deportation from UK at earliest: Report Pakistan UK 1yr
Pak govt to push for Nawaz Sharif's deportation from UK Pakistan UK 1yr
No meetings with Pak military, Sharif warns party members Pakistan 1yr
Political decisions should be taken in Parliament, not at army HQ: Maryam Nawaz Pakistan 1yr
Imran Khan’s exiled rival Nawaz Sharif stirs up trouble from London base Pakistan 1yr
Pakistan opposition, backed by ex-premier, to protest Khan Pakistan 1yr
Pakistan: Opposition parties protest against role of army in Pakistan's politics Pakistan 1yr
Pakistan's economy has been completely destroyed in last two years: Nawaz Sharif Pakistan 1yr
Nawaz Sharif makes political comeback; launches scathing attack on Army, Imran government Pakistan 1yr
Pakistani court issues arrest warrant for former PM Sharif Pakistan 1yr
Pakistan warns ex-PM Sharif must return to face graft case Pakistan 1yr
Allowing Nawaz Sharif to leave Pakistan was a mistake: Imran Khan Pakistan 1yr
Ex-Pak PM Nawaz Sharif Likely To Be Shifted To US For Better Treatment US Pakistan 2yrs
Petition Seeking Pakistan PM Imran Khan's Disqualification Filed In Court Pakistan 2yrs
Pakistan's ailing ex-PM Sharif flown to London for treatment Pakistan 2yrs
Convicted ex-PM Sharif leaves Pakistan for medical treatment in London Pakistan 2yrs
High Court overrules Imran Khan's 7 billion bond on former PM Nawaz Sharif - WTX News Pakistan 2yrs
Pakistan to let ex-PM Sharif go abroad for medical treatment: foreign minister Pakistan 2yrs
Pakistani court suspends conviction of ailing ex-PM Sharif Pakistan 2yrs
Ex Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif 'critically unwell', says doctor Pakistan 2yrs
Pakistan ex-PM Sharif, moved from jail, stays in hospital Pakistan 2yrs
Pakistan's ex-PM Sharif bailed on medical grounds Pakistan 2yrs
Pakistan court frees ex-PM Sharif for medical treatment Pakistan 2yrs
Pakistani court orders convicted former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif released on bail so he can... Pakistan 2yrs
Pakistani court weighs releasing ex-PM over health concerns Pakistan 2yrs
Pakistan faces claim over London luxury flats seized from ex-PM Pakistan 2yrs
Pakistan opposition leader Maryam Nawaz arrested amid ongoing corruption probe Pakistan 2yrs
Maryam Nawaz: Pakistan's leader of the opposition arrested Pakistan 2yrs
Pakistan suspends judge who convicted ex-PM of corruption Pakistan 2yrs
Nawaz Sharif's daughter summoned by anti-graft court in fake trust deed case Pakistan 2yrs
Pakistan judge denies 'blackmail' in ex-PM Nawaz Sharif case Pakistan 2yrs
Judge rejects opposition blackmail claims over Nawaz verdict Pakistan 2yrs
Pakistani judge rejects opposition blackmail claims over ex-PM's conviction Pakistan 2yrs
Pakistan judge 'blackmailed' into issuing verdict against Nawaz Sharif: Maryam Pakistan 2yrs
Will not let Nawaz Sharif become 'Morsi' of Pakistan: Maryam Nawaz Pakistan 3yrs
Pakistani ex-PM plea for suspension of prison term rejected Pakistan 3yrs
Sharif files plea in court seeking permission to submit more medical reports Pakistan 3yrs
Pakistan PM vows accountability for ex-premier, ex-president Pakistan 3yrs
Nawaz Sharif re-files bail application in high court Pakistan 3yrs
Pakistan's former PM Sharif returns to jail after medical treatment Pakistan 3yrs
Pakistan's former PM Sharif returns to jail after medical treatment Pakistan 3yrs
Pakistan’s ex-PM Sharif heads to jail after bail expires Pakistan 3yrs
Nawaz Sharif set to return to jail as 6-week bail expires Pakistan 3yrs
Pakistan's top court rejects bail extension for former PM Nawaz Sharif Pakistan 3yrs
Nawaz Sharif may undergo heart surgery Pakistan 3yrs
Pakistan ex-PM Nawaz Sharif granted bail Pakistan 3yrs
Pakistani Ex-PM Sharif Granted Bail On Medical Grounds Pakistan 3yrs
Pakistan's top court grants bail to former PM Nawaz Sharif Pakistan Panama 3yrs
Pakistani court grants bail to ex-PM for medical treatment Pakistan 3yrs
3rd strike when PM Modi landed uninvited at Nawaz Sharif's house: Owaisi asks Rajnath 3yrs
Pakistan court rejects bail for ex-PM Nawaz Sharif Pakistan 3yrs
Pakistan court dismisses ex-PM Nawaz Sharif's appeal, bail plea Pakistan 3yrs
Pakistan Court Rejects Ex-Prime Minister Sharif's Bail Plea Pakistan 3yrs
How Saudi Arabia stood by Pakistan after nuclear tests Pakistan Saudi Arabia 3yrs
Pakistan government refuses to remove names of Nawaz Sharif, daughter, son-in-law from exit con... Pakistan 3yrs
Pakistan’s ex-PM Sharif moved from prison cell to hospital Pakistan 3yrs
Jailed ex-PM Nawaz Sharif's lawyer files plea for suspension of sentence seeks bail on health g... Pakistan 3yrs
Former Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif shifted to hospital from jail Pakistan 3yrs
Nawaz Sharif denied helper in jail, told to maintain room on his own Pakistan 3yrs
Nawaz Sharif challenges court verdict Pakistan 3yrs
Nawaz Sharif, Former Pakistani Prime Minister, Is Sentenced to 7 Years Pakistan 3yrs