Tom Cotton

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Tom Cotton mocks John Roberts, says he should run for office 1w
Obelisk of Wokeness? Stop giving them ideas! Tom Cotton mocks cancel culture mob & inspires pet... 3w
NYT editorial editor resigns after running Sen. Tom Cotton's op-ed 3w
New York Times opinion editor resigns following 'Send in the Troops' controversy 3w
NYT opinion editor quits amid fallout from publishing senator's call to deploy military against... US 3w
James Bennet resigns from New York Times after Cotton op-ed backlash 3w
NYT editor tells employees controversial op-ed won't run in print after uproar 4w
NYT walks back on controversial Tom Cotton op-ed after widespread outrage 4w
New York Times says Tom Cotton's opinion piece did not meet editorial standards 4w
NY Times says Cotton op-ed did not meet its standards 4w
New York Times defends Republican senator’s opinion piece demanding ‘send troops in’ 1mo
New York Times under fire over op-ed urging Trump to 'send in the troops' 1mo
Huawei may force American jets out of UK, Senator Tom Cotton says China US UK 1mo
New York Times CANCELED by liberals over Senator Cotton’s ‘Send in the troops’ op-ed US 1mo
Senator tells MPs Huawei puts US troops at risk US UK 1mo
America could move weapons stored on British soil if UK persists with Huawei, US senator warns US UK 1mo
US senator: Huawei 5G is like Soviets building west's submarines US 1mo
Republican senator says he wants the 101st Airborne army division unleashed on protesters 1mo
Sen. Tom Cotton says U.S. should ban Chinese science students so China can't 'steal' COVID vacc... China US 2mos

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Tom Cotton suggests Chinese students shouldn't be allowed to study sciences in the US China US 2mos
‘They should study Shakespeare, not science’: Sen. Cotton claims China could be using visa stud... China US 2mos
Sen. Cotton: Chinese government 'still lying' about coronavirus as evidence indicates rising de... China 3mos
Chinese State-Run Agency Reportedly Threatened China Could Withhold Lifesaving Drugs From U.S.... China US 3mos
Senators call for intelligence probe into Chinese-owned app TikTok 8mos
TikTok app poses potential national security risk, says senior Democrat 8mos
US senators call for TikTok investigation US 8mos
US senators call for approvals review of Chinese telecoms operators China US 9mos
Trump 'crazy like a fox' in suggesting Greenland purchase, says Republican 10mos Denmark 10mos
Sen. Tom Cotton says he floated the idea of buying Greenland to Trump 10mos
Cotton warns China: Crackdown on Hong Kong would be 'grave miscalculation' China 10mos
US Senator laughs off Brexit scaremongering by ex-Obama chief – 'UK front of the queue' US UK 10mos
Tom Cotton wants to bomb Iran, and he has Trump's ear Iran 1yr
US threat: Iran's 'unprovoked' tanker attack warrants 'retaliatory military strike' US Iran Japan Oman 1yr
GOP Senator Tom Cotton urged a "retaliatory military strike" against Iran after oil tanker atta... Iran Oman 1yr
‘Dangerously delusional’ Tom Cotton claims US would win Iran war with ‘two strikes’ US Iran 1yr
A warning on Tom Cotton and the China new cold war China US 1yr