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Priti Patel hits back at black public figures seeking to stop Jamaicans' deportations Germany Spain France UK Jamaica Albania Poland Nigeria Lithuania Ghana 5d
Biden conspiracy theorist put in charge of Pentagon transition 1w
Priti Patel inquiry: Boris Johnson's ministerial standards adviser quits as PM contradicts his... 1w
Priti Patel inquiry: Boris Johnson's ministerial standards adviser quits as PM contradicts his... 1w
Boris Johnson’s ethics adviser quits over Patel bullying report 1w
Bullying inquiry head quits as PM backs Patel 1w
Bullying inquiry found Patel ‘broke the rules for ministers’ – report UK 1w
Bullying inquiry finds UK interior minister Patel broke rules - BBC UK 1w
Trump new Pentagon chief of staff investigated MI6 officer US 2w
Lawyers call for apology from Johnson and Patel for endangering colleagues 1mo
Patel’s asylum plans lack sense and compassion | Letters UK 1mo
Priti Patel faces tribunal questioning over alleged bullying 1mo
Patel warned against arrests of migrants who face risk of exploitation before Channel crossings UK 1mo
Patel promises to create ‘firm and fair’ UK asylum system UK 1mo
UK interior minister Patel accuses migrants crossing English Channel of 'shopping around' UK 1mo
Simon Case under pressure over report into alleged Patel bullying 2mos
Patel: Migrants flee to UK because they believe France is racist France UK 3mos
Home Secretary Priti Patel enrages Paris with migrants comments France 3mos
NO more money for France unless it take back more migrants says Patel France 3mos

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Patel plans an asylum system ‘to send left into meltdown’ 3mos
Patel 'minded' to decriminalise sales of 'poppers' 3mos
Patel takes on Ben and Jerry's over migrant boats 3mos
Help blockade the Channel: Patel issues ultimatum to French officials France 3mos
New UK commander to tackle migrant boat ‘invasion,’ as record numbers reach British shores UK 3mos
Priti Patel ‘backs’ sending in Royal Navy as RECORD migrants cross channel in one day UK 3mos
Visa offer for Hong Kong protesters UK 4mos
Patel bullying report being ‘held back’ by Downing Street 4mos
Patel issues furious warning to French border chiefs to crack down on illegal migrants France UK 4mos
Mass gatherings are a HUGE risk to Britain - Patel rages at ‘unacceptable’ behaviour UK 5mos
Threat of lone wolf attacks ‘growing’ in UK, Home Secretary Patel warns after Reading stabbing... UK 5mos
Patel “deeply concerned” by mass stabbing in Reading park 5mos
Former Amnesty India Head's Twitter Account Witheld After He Was Booked On Charges Of Provoking... 5mos
Patel hits back at critics as watchdog launches Windrush probe 5mos
Coronavirus: Patel: Quarantine measures to prevent second wave of coronavirus 6mos
Coronavirus: Patel leads UK briefing as deaths pass 20,000 🔴 @BBC News - BBC UK 7mos
UK death toll passes 20,000 but Patel warns: 'We're not out of the woods' Ireland UK England Scotland 7mos
Hancock defends Patel over bullying claim 9mos
UK PM insists MI5 isn’t withholding info from Home Secretary Patel after claims intel agencies... UK 9mos
Patel tried to remove top Home Office civil servant 9mos
'Utter nonsense': UK Home Secretary Patel hits back at 'Dave' after British rapper calls BoJo a... UK 9mos
'Utter nonsense': UK Home Secretary Patel hits back at 'Dave' after British rapper calls BoJo a... UK 9mos
Patel vows tough immigration rules ahead of government commissioned review UK Australia 10mos
Priti Patel at war with Dominic Raab over Hong Kongers fleeing to UK UK 1yr
UK terror threat at 5-year low, Patel says UK 1yr
Why I don’t think Priti Patel’s reference to “north London” was an anti-Semitic dog whistle US Israel UK Australia 1yr
Disabled Brits stripped of support needed to survive due to austerity 1yr
Patel to discuss Channel migrants with France France 1yr
‘Windrush on steroids’: Corbyn slams UK home sec Patel’s plan to BLUNTLY end EU freedom of move... UK 1yr
Tory MPs threaten Boris Johnson after majority cut to one in today's papers 1yr
I want criminals to be terrified, says new Home Secretary Priti Patel 1yr
Why Boris Johnson’s lies and amorality could prove his undoing US Israel UK 1yr
Patel: only skilled, English-speaking workers welcome UK 1yr
Javid, Patel and Raab take top posts in Boris Johnson's cabinet 1yr
Boris Johnson goes to work as prime minister UK 1yr
Rees-Mogg, Patel and Tory MPs give reaction to Boris Leadership UK 1yr
Witham MP Priti Patel appointed new Home Secretary Israel 1yr
Seven reasons to be cheerful about Britain’s new cabinet Israel UK 1yr
Gloucester school suspends deputy head following Tory leadership TV debate appearance 1yr
India's central bank coup a sign of Modi's authoritarian ways as 'Indira Gandhi 2.0' India 1yr
Modi wins Pyrrhic victory in ousting of RBI chief Patel India 1yr
India now meets others on its own terms: PM Modi India 2yrs
Eurosceptic UK lawmaker Patel says cannot accept PM's Brexit plan UK 2yrs
Kenyans mourn with Patel dam Solai tragedy victims as magnitude of the disaster unfolds Kenya 2yrs
DPP orders probe as Patel dams drained to avert another possible tragedy 2yrs
Patel: Little-known farmer but highly respected philanthropist 2yrs
Government drains two dangerous dams at Patel farm to avert another possible tragedy 2yrs
Kenya dam bursts, killing dozens and sweeping away houses in 'sea of water' Kenya 2yrs
Dozens killed and many more feared trapped after Kenya's Patel dam bursts Kenya 2yrs
Kenya's Patel dam burst 'causes huge destruction' Kenya 2yrs