Boris Johnson

British politician, historian and journalist more on Wikipedia

Johnson has a way to build bridges with Biden US 4h
Boris Johnson says UK Covid-19 Tiers system IS working to reduce the R rate - In full UK 9h
Boris Johnson says UK Covid-19 Tiers system IS working to reduce the R rate - In full UK 9h
Room for improvement with test and trace, says Patrick Vallance – video 11h
Iraq PM in talks with UK's Boris Johnson on security, political reforms UK Iraq 12h
Boris Johnson pledges to move ministers out of London 12h
Steve Baker once brought Theresa May to despair as a Brexit hardliner, today he is scourged as... 1d
The UK food and drink industry warns Boris Johnson companies will have to pull out of Northern... Ireland UK 1d
UK PM launches scathing attack on London mayor for 'bankrupting' Transport for London UK 1d
Boris Johnson still refusing to restart Brexit negotiations despite ticking no-deal clock UK 1d
Boris Johnson and Evgeny Lebedev: a decade of politics, parties and peerages Russia 1d
Covid-stricken South Yorkshire to face tier-3 lockdown, Sheffield mayor announces 1d
UK to work with both parties regarding Eastern Mediterranean disputes UK Greece Turkey 1d
'Tier and loathing': what the papers say about tough restrictions on Manchester 2d
Europe Backpedals as Virus Lockdowns Return to Ireland, Wales US Ireland Germany Spain Canada Bulgaria UK Italy England Belgium Austria Tunisia Czech Republic 2d
Boris urged NOT to close shops, pubs and restaurants - 'Don't waste the economy on hiding' Ireland 2d
Lockdown POLL: As Ireland shuts down, should Boris close shops, pubs and restaurants? Ireland UK 2d
Coronavirus live news: CDC finds 300,000 excess deaths in US; Spain nears 1m cases US Spain 2d
Video: Johnson Announces Highest Coronavirus Restrictions for Manchester UK 2d

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Chaos and fury as Boris Johnson forces curbs on Greater Manchester 2d
Covid: Greater Manchester to move to tier 3 restrictions from Friday 2d
Manchester hit with extra Covid-19 restrictions as Johnson govt accused of ‘playing poker with... UK England 2d
Manchester mayor "lose" to Boris Johnson UK 2d
PM confirms Covid tier 3 restrictions for Greater Manchester as talks fail 2d
UK House of Lords rejects ‘law-breaking’ Brexit bill to deliver heavy loss to Johnson’s govt UK 2d
No Brexit trade talks unless EU ‘fundamentally changes’ its stance – Boris Johnson UK Greece 2d
Don't bank on Donald! Former White House insider issues unexpected Brexit warning to Boris US 2d
Government fails to reach deal with Manchester over tier 3 Covid restrictions England 2d
As Britain edges toward lockdowns, long-held grievances flare up. UK 2d
Brexit: Boris Johnson turns down EU offer to restart trade talks 3d
Sweden’s Anders Tegnell: We did not pursue “herd immunity” against Covid-19 China Finland Germany Spain France UK Ethiopia Italy Sweden England Norway Somalia Great Britain Denmark Zaire 3d
US Election 2020 latest: Early voting begins in key swing state of Florida - BBC News - BBC New... US UK 3d
Brexit: EU and UK urge compromise to save talks UK 3d
Brexit: Michael Gove briefs MPs on progress of trade talks – UK politics live UK 3d
Door for talks to avoid a no-deal Brexit remains ajar, insists UK minister Gove UK 4d
Boris Johnson and Manchester mayor at odds over new restrictions 4d
British PM Johnson reportedly mulls resigning in 6 months…because of low salary UK 4d
Michael Gove accuses Andy Burnham of risking lives in Covid lockdown row – video 4d
Boris Johnson 'plans to resign next spring after complaining about £150k salary' 4d
Boris Johnson's government has given the police stronger powers to access people's contact deta... 4d
‘Toxic’ Boris Johnson needs to turn on the charm if Joe Biden wins US election US UK 4d
Macron's last-ditch punishment plot: France threatens UK with devastating energy blockade France UK 4d
Boris Johnson urged to support post-Brexit safeguard for child refugees 4d
Despite London's bluffs, Brussels assumes that Johnson will bend over the post-prexit agreement UK 4d
Experts claim Boris Johnson’s ‘thin’ EU deal will cause major economic upset 4d
How coronavirus 'diktats' from Downing Street tore Britain apart UK 4d
Boris Johnson tells Andy Burnham to obey him or 'people will die' in ultimatum 5d
US businesswoman says did have affair with UK PM Johnson: Daily Mail US UK 5d
UK's 'special relationship' with the US is more fragile than ever. Just when Boris Johnson is b... US UK 6d
Boris Johnson wrongly suggests new Covid rules will stop some parents seeing children – video 6d
EU exposed: Charles Michel’s Brexit threats dismantled brilliantly by ex-MEP UK 6d
Jennifer Arcuri 'admits to Boris Johnson affair' 6d
Opinion: Sometimes you just have to let go 6d
Boris Johnson says he will ‘intervene’ if necessary to save lives in North West of England England 6d
Video: ‘I Want to Avoid Another National Lockdown,’ Johnson Says UK England 6d
Boris Johnson threatens a no-deal Brexit as Britain and France fight over fish France UK 6d
'No basis for negotiations': UK tells EU's Michel Barnier not to come to London for talks UK 6d
Joe Biden win could give Boris Johnson a hard time Ireland 6d
Boris Johnson tries to get Greater Manchester to accept tougher Covid restrictions 6d
Brexit: Boris Johnson threatens once again to slam the door 6d
Britain says it's walking away from talks with EU on Brexit UK 6d
PM warns he may 'need to intervene' on Manchester 6d
“No-Deal-Brexit”: Johnson goes all out UK 6d
Brexit ‘trade talks are over’: UK sees no point in more negotiations unless EU changes its stan... UK 6d
Fighting over Brexit is also a bit of theater UK 6d
UK must prepare for ‘no deal’ Brexit, says PM Boris Johnson Canada UK 6d
UK must 'get ready' for no trade deal with EU, Johnson warns UK 6d
No-deal Brexit looms as Boris Johnson urges EU to change approach UK Australia 6d
UK PM Johnson says time to get ready for 'no deal' Brexit UK 6d
London breaks off trade negotiations with Brussels. Johnson: "Get ready for a no-deal Brexit" 6d
Brexit: Boris Johnson asks the British to prepare for a "no deal" France UK 6d
Johnson on Brexit talks: "Completely unacceptable for an independent country" 6d
Brexit: UK must 'get ready' for no EU trade deal, says PM UK 6d
UK ready for 'no-deal' Brexit, PM Johnson says UK 6d
UK slams Russia for 'deplorable lie' that vaccine will turn people into monkeys Russia UK 6d
England seeing 27,900 new COVID cases per day - ONS survey England 6d
Boris Johnson tells UK: prepare for a no-deal Brexit UK 6d
Brexit: Britain ready to no-deal, according to Johnson UK 6d
Boris Johnson warns UK must prepare for ‘no deal’ with EU UK 6d
Boris Johnson says UK should get ready for a no-deal Brexit as trade talks stall UK 6d
Boris Johnson says it's time to 'get ready' for no deal with EU 6d
Johnson: Britons should prepare for no-deal Brexit UK 6d
BoJo warns EU that UK is ready for 'no-deal' Brexit unless 'fundamental change' in bloc’s appro... UK 6d
Brexit: Boris Johnson says it's time to 'get ready' for no deal with EU 6d
The UK can’t be making ‘all of the compromises’, London says, but post-Brexit trade deal is ‘cl... UK 6d
Russia spreads rumors that Oxford vaccine turns people into monkeys Russia UK England 6d
Russia starts smear campaign against British corona vaccine, Johnson depicted as a monkey Russia UK England 6d
Coronavirus: fake news factories churning out lies over ‘monkey’ vaccine 6d
Brexit: Raab still considers agreement to be possible Great Britain 6d
U.S. Election, Boris Johnson, Coronavirus: Your Friday Briefing US 6d
No Brexit trade deal could cost reeling UK economy $25 billion next year UK 6d
While Boris Johnson sinks, Rishi Sunak is on the rise UK 1w
Boris urged NOT to extend the Brexit deadline as PM hands EU an extra 24 hours 1w
U.K. Virus Plan in Disarray as Johnson Pushed Toward Lockdown 1w
EU leaders say 'Brexit talks must go on' as top Eurocrat Ursula von der Leyen swept from crunch... 1w
Negotiations with the EU: London indirectly threatens to break off UK 1w
Brexit: what is Boris Johnson really playing? 1w
France stays firm on access to UK fisheries while Germany & Italy hold out for fair Brexit deal... France UK 1w
Brexit: EU leaders call for UK trade talks to continue UK 1w
Boris Johnson rejects Marcus Rashford's campaign to extend free school meals 1w