Anthony Fauci

American immunologist known for his involvement in the AIDS Crisis as head of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases more on Wikipedia

Coronavirus: Chances of COVID vaccine being 98% effective are 'not great', expert warns - Sky N... UK 2h
Coronavirus: Vaccine may only be 50% effective, US disease expert warns US 14h
Anthony Fauci says COVID-19 vaccine may be partially effective US 18h
'Zhoushan Bat Virus' Behind Covid-19, Claims Chinese Virologist While Blaming WHO for Cover-up China 19h
"Approved corona vaccine only works in half the cases" US 21h
US top COVID doctor Fauci says his family has received threats US 1d
White House face in fighting coronavirus says it has been threatened with death 2d
Anthony Fauci says daughters have been harassed US 2d
Anthony Fauci says he has received death threats over his coronavirus work 2d
Dr. Anthony Fauci: This is a predictor of trouble ahead US 2d
Dr. Fauci: My family gets death threats 2d
The U.S. has the worst coronavirus outbreak in the world: 'The numbers don't lie,' Dr. Fauci sa... US 2d
Trump attacks Deborah Birx for first time after she admits coronavirus is widespread across US US 4d
Trump calls Fauci 'wrong' over cause of soaring coronavirus cases – as it happened - The Guardi... US 5d
'No confidence': Pelosi blasts Deborah Birx for 'disinformation' about coronavirus because she... 6d
Donald Trump claims Anthony Fauci 'wrong' about cause of Covid-19 surge - The Guardian US 6d
Brad Pitt nominated for Emmy with imitation of Anthony Fauci US 6d
Donald Trump claims Anthony Fauci 'wrong' about cause of Covid-19 surge US 6d
Coronavirus latest: UK puts brakes on easing curbs; US pledges billions for vaccine US UK 1w

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Fauci rebuts Republican claims about hydroxychloroquine in Capitol Hill session 1w
Political narrative overwhelms hearing on Covid-19 as lawmakers from both parties attempt to pi... 1w
A piecemeal approach kept the US from getting it under control, and now states need to 'pull ou... US 1w
Dr. Fauci and Jim Jordan get in heated exchange over protests 1w
Dr Fauci 'cautiously optimistic' coronavirus vaccine is possible this year 1w
Dr Fauci clashes with top Trump loyalist over proposed crackdown on protests during pandemic 1w
Dr Fauci says Europe better at managing coronavirus than US due to widespread lockdown US 1w
Fauci testifies before congressional panel on 'national plan' for coronavirus – watch live US 1w
Dr. Fauci gives his thoughts on another potential lockdown US 1w
Donald Trump and Dr. Fauci FINALLY appear together at Red Cross 1w
Twitter (temporarily) blocks Trump's son's account for a video on Covid-19 US 1w
Masks aren’t enough! Fauci says eye protection ‘MIGHT’ BE REQUIRED for ‘perfect’ Covid-proof se... US 1w
Donald Trump wonders why 'nobody likes me' as Dr Anthony Fauci gets higher approval ratings 1w
Trump on Fauci's high approval ratings: 'Nobody likes me' 1w
Fauci Rejects Trump’s Claims of COVID-19 Treatment  US 1w
Trump will not require Americans to wear face masks 3w
Trump refuses to order Americans to wear masks 3w
Birx's rise in the Trump administration has tainted her reputation among some health experts 3w
John King: We thought this was troublesome. You see the trend now US 3w
Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg criticises Donald Trump over Covid-19 after US sets record for new c... US 3w
Fauci Says COVID-19 Could Reach Level of 1918 Spanish Flu, the 'Mother of All Pandemics' - News... 3w
The Good Doctor or Doctor Doom? Anthony Fauci is not an easy enemy for Trump to have 3w
Coronavirus latest: US records new high of almost 70,000 cases in a day US 3w
Fauci tells Zuckerberg 30,000 people in coronavirus vaccine trial 3w
'You can trust me': Anthony Fauci pushes back against Trump attacks US 3w
‘Not the Onion’: US top doctor Fauci lands glossy fashion magazine cover as Covid-19 rages on US 3w
Progress on coronavirus vaccines gives stock markets a boost - The Times 3w
Chris Cuomo goes on offensive rant against Trump after Fauci op-ed US 3w
Fauci 'walking a tightrope' as people try to 'pit' him against Trump 3w
Donald Trump rebukes Peter Navarro for attacking popular Anthony Fauci 3w
Top US infectious diseases expert Fauci calls White House smear campaign 'bizarre' US 3w
Anderson Cooper: Trump poses with can of beans while virus surges US 3w
Jake Tapper calls out White House: Let me not be diplomatic ... 3w
What Dr. Fauci had to say about Navarro op-ed 3w
The doctor called recent White House attacks on him 'bizarre' and said they ultimately damaged... 3w
Coronavirus latest: Donald Trump rebukes attack on Anthony Fauci US 3w
White House attacks 'bizarre' - US disease chief US 3w
White House attacks 'bizarre' - US disease chief US 3w
Dr Fauci hits back at Trump administration attacks US 3w
Coronavirus: US vaccine makes 'good first step' as trial shows it boosts antibodies US 3w
'You can trust me': Anthony Fauci pushes back against Trump attacks – video US 3w
Cartoonist Trump top aide used to slam Dr. Fauci is a QAnon supporter 3w
Trump WAR: White House launches attack on scientific expert Dr Fauci as cases spike US 3w
Cuomo: My 10-year-old knows better than what Trump just said 3w
Coronavirus: White House targets US disease chief Dr Anthony Fauci - BBC News US 3w
Donald Trump takes aim at his top health adviser Anthony Fauci as US coronavirus cases surge US 3w
Fauci: We haven't even begun to see the end of Covid-19 3w
Opinion: The ludicrous plot against Fauci US 3w
‘Everyone is lying’: Trump undercuts public health officials in fresh attacks 3w
CNN reporter to White House: Why not have the guts to trash Dr. Fauci with your own names? 3w
White House rounds on Anthony Fauci over coronavirus response criticism US 3w
Donald Trump attacks Dr Anthony Fauci as he raises alarm on US reopening US 3w
Donald Trump: 'I have a very good relationship with Anthony Fauci' – video 3w
White House denies Trump undermining Dr Fauci despite sending 'opposition research' to reporter... 3w
Donald Trump escalates war on Dr. Fauci by tweeting bizarre conspiracy 3w
White House cites this interview to try to discredit Fauci US 3w
White House seeks to discredit Fauci in memo leaked to reporters 3w
Trump retweets baseless claim that CDC, doctors are 'lying' about COVID-19 to hurt his campaign US 3w
'Atrocious': Schiff reacts to attempt to discredit Fauci 3w
CNN fact-checker: Dr. Fauci's corrections were necessary 3w
White House takes aim at Anthony Fauci over Covid-19 comments - Financial Times 3w
White House takes aim at Fauci as he disagrees with Trump on virus US 3w
White House takes aim at Anthony Fauci over Covid-19 comments 3w
DEADLY COVER UP: Fauci Approved Hydroxychloroquine 15 Years Ago to Cure Coronaviruses; “Nobody... 3w
Donald Trump deflects blame onto Dr Fauci 3w
Dr. Fauci: Opens up about why he's not being allowed on TV US 4w
Fauci opens up about why he's not being allowed on TV US 4w
Trump’s coronavirus adviser not seen for TWO MONTHS as US cases spiral out of control US 4w
Anthony Fauci: 'We are living in the perfect storm' - Financial Times 4w
Lemon reacts to Dr. Fauci's revelation: Gee, I wonder how that happened US 4w
Dr. Fauci slams federal government's COVID-19 response 4w
10 times Dr. Fauci has refuted Trump's statements 4w
Coronavirus: US 'still knee deep in first wave', Fauci warns US 4w
Donald Trump insists he knows better than US's top doctor despite surge in cases US 4w
Dr. Fauci calls boasting about a low death rate 'a false narrative' 4w
US soars past 3m coronavirus cases after 1m added within a month US 4w
Trump and Fauci clash over coronavirus outlook US 1mo
Coronavirus: Trump’s claim 99% of cases are harmless was unfortunate, says Anthony Fauci 1mo
US still ‘knee-deep’ in FIRST wave of Covid-19, Fauci warns US 1mo
Fauci reveals why virus cases are surging US 1mo
Fauci characterizes America's situation as 'really not good' US 1mo