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Travel latest news: Britons left with just eight restriction-free travel options UK 3w
Over 300 people demonstrate in Uri against corona measures, the BAG reports 425 new cases - the... Switzerland 1mo
Liechtensteiners will vote on dual citizenship this Sunday Switzerland 1mo
Norway adds Germany to COVID-19 quarantine list Germany Norway 1mo
Liechtenstein launches battle to reclaim confiscated WWII territory 1mo
Liechtenstein demands Prague stop recognising its citizens as German Germany 1mo
Sweden no longer warns against traveling to Austria Sweden Austria Great Britain 2mos
Sweden puts Austria on safe travel list, warning for UK & some European states remains UK Sweden Austria 2mos
Switzerland publishes list of ‘high risk’ travel quarantine countries China Kuwait US Israel Russia South Korea Ireland Thailand Peru Germany Canada Bulgaria France Romania Armenia UK Australia Iceland South Africa Morocco Chile Japan Italy Iraq Rwanda Sweden Saudi Arabia Macedonia Kosovo Serbia Brazil Azerbaijan Norway Argentina Qatar New Zealand Colombia Tunisia Bolivia Switzerland Montenegro Honduras Dominican Republic Oman Algeria Cyprus Belarus Croatia Bahrain Uruguay Panama Moldova Cape Verde 3mos
Germany ends travel ban for EU states, others from June 15 Germany UK Iceland Norway Switzerland 4mos
Germany to lift travel ban in Europe from June 15 Germany UK Iceland Norway Switzerland 4mos
Germany to lift travel ban for EU, Schengen countries and UK from June 15 Germany UK Iceland Norway Switzerland 4mos
Austria's Swiss and Liechtenstein borders to fully reopen on June 15 Germany Austria Switzerland 5mos
Austria says plans to fully reopen border with Switzerland Germany Austria Switzerland 5mos
Switzerland bans exports of PPE to countries outside the EU - EU Sanctions Iceland Norway Switzerland 6mos
Brazil says Mercosur reached trade deal with EFTA bloc: president US Iceland Brazil Norway Switzerland 1yr
Beer with the prince: Liechtenstein marks 300th anniversary 1yr
Home Office to fully launch EU Settlement Scheme UK Iceland Norway 1yr
Nine days from ‘Brexit day’, does anyone have a clue what’s happening? | James Felton 1yr

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UK, Norway, Iceland agree on citizens' rights if no-deal Brexit UK Iceland Norway 1yr
UK, Norway, Iceland agrees on citizens' rights if no-deal Brexit:... UK Iceland Norway 1yr
Liechtenstein's 300th anniversary: Big bash in a small country 1yr
Man bites off workmate bulk from ear 1yr
Liechtenstein demands reparation from the Czech Republic | NZZ Switzerland Czech Republic 1yr
No weddings, voluntary taxes and veto on politicians: the utopia of Liberland ends up in the Eu... 1yr
Are Liechtenstein’s trust laws fit for purpose? 1yr