Peter Marki-Zay

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The opposition's hope lost: Péter Márki-Zay will not become prime minister Hungary 5mos
Sitting Prime Minister Viktor Orbán claims 'great victory' in Hungary Hungary 5mos
Opposition leader fights against the beer quay: "They betray Hungary, NATO and the EU" Hungary 5mos
Exclusive: Hungarian Opposition Candidate Marki-Zay Calls Orban A 'Traitor' Over War In Ukraine Russia Ukraine Hungary 5mos
In Hungary, the opposition in search of a "miracle" in the campaigns Hungary 5mos
Elections in Hungary: Meet the Small-Town Mayor Who Wants to Topple Orbán Hungary 5mos
"With him it is always an adventure»: Orbans opponent Peter Marki-Zay remains unpredictable wit... Hungary 6mos
Hungarian opposition protests in front of Russian "spy bank" in Budapest Russia Hungary 6mos
Meet the man running against Hungary's autocratic leader Hungary 7mos
Meet the conservative who could unseat Viktor Orbán 8mos
Right-wing politician backed by the left to oust Viktor Orbán in Hungary election Hungary 8mos
Outsider from the right backed by Hungary’s left to beat Orbán Hungary 8mos
Hungary: Peter Marki-Zay, a non-party leader, placed by the electors of the primaries at the he... Hungary 9mos
MZP, the right hussar that defies Orban in Hungary Hungary 9mos
Leader of the Hungarian opposition Peter Brand-Zay in Warsaw. He persuaded Tusk and Hołowni to... Hungary Poland 9mos
In Central Europe, a new right against illiberalism Hungary 10mos
This man must beat Orbán: "I want the euro" Hungary 10mos
A man who can beat Orbán: "Fidez betrayed Hungary. His people will go to sit" Hungary 10mos
Hungarian opposition candidate vows full review of close ties with China China Hungary 10mos

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Orbán rival promises new constitution if he defeats Hungary PM Hungary 10mos
"MZP", the last hope of the Hungarian opposition against Viktor Orban Hungary 10mos
Hungary: anti-Orbán alliance leads ruling party in 2022 election poll Hungary 11mos
Hungary’s Orban, opposition rival hold rallies as election race heats up Hungary 11mos
Peter Marki-Zay: Could this man oust Hungary's PM Viktor Orban? Hungary 11mos
Hungary's opposition candidate: Fidesz or non-Fidesz Hungary 11mos
Hungary's opposition candidate: Fidesz or non-Fidesz Hungary 11mos
The man for the big surprises: Peter Marki-Zay calls for Hungary Prime Minister Orban Hungary 11mos
Comment - Orbans Challenger Peter Marki-Zay: A courageous and high-crisp choice 11mos
Who is Peter Brand-Zay, who will stand in a groom with Viktor Orbán Hungary 11mos
Challenger of Hungarian Prime Minister Orban is conservative Catholic Hungary 11mos
Péter Márki-Zay Opposition candidate for the premiere of Hungary. He will face Viktor Orbán Hungary 11mos
Hungary: Six opposition parties choose a common candidate who will compete against Orban in the... Hungary 11mos
Hungary: Citizen chose geek to the challenger of Orban Hungary 11mos
In Hungary, the opposition chooses a "conservative and believer" candidate against Viktor Orban Hungary 11mos
Hungary’s opposition parties unite to challenge far-right leader Orban Hungary 11mos
Hungary: Mayor Marki-Zay wins run-off to challenge Orban Hungary 11mos
Hungary: Small-town Mayor Marki-Zay to challenge PM Orban in 2022 Hungary 11mos
Small-town mayor to lead Hungary opposition bloc in election Hungary 11mos
Elections in Hungary: Outsider Peter Marki-Zay joins Orbán Hungary 11mos
Conservative mayor Marki-Zay wins run-off to challenge Hungary's Orban Hungary 11mos
Elections in Hungary: Outsider Peter Marki-Zay probably enters Orbán Hungary 11mos