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PM Imran says have advised president to dissolve assemblies 1mo
Imran suggests he might not accept trust vote to oust him Pakistan 1mo
'Captain' Imran asks foot soldiers to hit the streets against 'conspiracy' to oust him Pakistan 1mo
Imran Khan: ‘Won’t resign’; In gaffe, Imran says US ‘foreign hand’ behind conspiracy | World Ne... US Pakistan 1mo
imran: Imran loses numbers game as key ally walks out ahead of vote Pakistan 1mo
PM Imran ready to show letter on 'foreign conspiracy' to CJP: Asad Umar 1mo
PM Imran, President Zelensky discuss Ukraine-Russia war situation over phone Pakistan Ukrania 1mo
Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah praises PM Imran for slamming West over Russia Russia Lebanon 2mos
Imran hits back at EU over remarks on abstention Pakistan 2mos
PM Imran arrives in Moscow on two-day historic trip | The Express Tribune Russia Pakistan 3mos
islamabad: All eyes on Pakistan army as opposition gears up for no-trust move against Imran Pakistan 3mos
islamabad: All eyes on Pakistan army as opposition gears up for no-trust move against Imran Pakistan 3mos
islamabad: All eyes on Pakistan army as opposition gears up for no-trust move against Imran Pakistan 3mos
Pakistan wants to bring together US and China to avoid 'Cold War-like' situation: PM Imran China US Pakistan 3mos
PM Imran lauds Russia's Putin for stand against Islamophobia | The Express Tribune Russia 4mos
modi: Imran slams Modi for 'silence' on Haridwar 'hate speeches' | India News India Pakistan 4mos
Decision on extension for Pakistan army chief General Bajwa can wait: PM Imran Pakistan 4mos
pti s: Imran dissolves PTI’s organisational set-up after shock defeat in KP Pakistan 5mos
imf: PM Imran’s govt left with no option but to yield to IMF programme Pakistan 5mos

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khan: Afghan Taliban FM defends PM Imran against criticism from his countrymen Pakistan Afghanistan 5mos
Afghanistan will become 'biggest man-made crisis' if world fails to act, Pakistan PM Imran warn... Pakistan Afghanistan 5mos
pakistan: Pak minister threatens TV channels for airing allegations against PM Imran Pakistan 5mos
After KP, PM Imran launches health insurance programme for all residents of Punjab 5mos
khan: Imran, who skipped Biden summit, says Pakistan wants to bridge US-China gap Pakistan 5mos
Twitter of Pakistan's embassy in Serbia criticises PM Imran over inflation, FO says account hac... Pakistan Serbia 5mos
He was arrested in the media glare. Now Imran reveals the unseen side of a terror arrest 5mos
Impasse between Imran, Pak army over new ISI chief continues Pakistan 7mos
After row with army over new ISI chief, Imran govt says process is on Pakistan 7mos
afghanistan: Imran bats for 'inclusive' govt in talks with Taliban Pakistan Afghanistan 8mos
‘They left me behind’: British taxi driver describes treacherous Afghan escape Pakistan UK Afghanistan 8mos
'Never is the victim responsible,' says PM Imran when asked about his controversial comments on... 10mos
PM Imran's number among those targeted for surveillance by India using Israeli spyware: report India Israel 10mos
Pakistan's trajectory will see it help poor nations instead of 'begging' itself: PM Imran Pakistan 10mos
Pakistan accepts China's version on Xinjiang's Uighurs: PM Imran China Pakistan 10mos
Imran foreign trips seven times cheaper than that of Nawaz’s | The Express Tribune 10mos
'US couldn’t win the war from inside Afghanistan after 20 years — how would it do it from bases... US Pakistan Afghanistan 11mos
Imran blames women's clothes for rising rapes in Pakistan Pakistan 11mos
Pakistan ready for talks with India if it gives roadmap to restore Kashmir's status: PM Imran India Pakistan 11mos
PM Imran calls in army to support police in enforcing SOPs as Covid-19 cases surge 1yr
PM Imran asks Western govts to outlaw disrespect for Prophet on lines of Holocaust 1yr
Reham Khan hits out at ex-husband Imran over his rape comments Pakistan 1yr
Jemima hits out at PM Imran over 'insensitive' views on rape | The Express Tribune 1yr
Pakistanis troll PM Imran for blaming ‘obscenity’ in society for rape Pakistan 1yr
Cabinet turns down ECC decision, says 'no trade with India' until autonomy returned to IOK India 1yr
Imran writes back to PM Modi, says Pakistan also desires peace | India News India Pakistan 1yr
Pakistan's priorities have shifted from geo-political to geo-economic, says Qureshi Pakistan Sri Lanka 1yr
‘Reverse the smog’: PM Imran inaugurates Miyawaki urban forestry project in Lahore 1yr
PM Imran says Pakistan stands united with Kashmiris in self-determination struggle - Pakistan O... India Pakistan 1yr
PM Imran kicks off Pakistan's Covid-19 vaccination drive Pakistan 1yr
Imran Khan's PTI shuts down free Wi-Fi project in Pak's Punjab Pakistan 1yr
Pakistan to sign railway accord connecting it with Afghanistan, Uzbekistan: minister Pakistan Afghanistan Uzbekistan 1yr
PM Imran launches 'Billion Tree Honey Initiative' to boost honey production 1yr
Protesters call for Houthis’ designation as a terrorist group after death of Yemeni football co... Yemen 1yr
MSF condemns ‘shocking’ deaths of Yemeni football coach and son blamed on Houthis Yemen 1yr
Pakistan's 30 percent vehicles to go electric by 2030: PM Imran Pakistan 1yr
60pc of Pakistan's energy will be 'clean' by 2030: PM Imran Pakistan 1yr
Revelations about Indian disinformation network vindicate Pakistan’s stance: PM Imran India Pakistan 1yr
Imran aims to bolster ties with Afghanistan during maiden visit, vows to reduce violence Pakistan Afghanistan 1yr
Take your freedom from the cage you are in: Judge pens poem to grant bail to Delhi riots accuse... 1yr
'Humne India ko ghus ke maara': Pak minister says Pulwama attack 'great achievement under Imran... India Pakistan 1yr
Pakistan Prime Minister Imran fears 2nd Covid-19 wave in coming months Pakistan 1yr
Imran's 'Naya Pakistan' rocked by Pashtun, Sindh, Baloch agitations Pakistan 1yr
Imran Khan’s exiled rival Nawaz Sharif stirs up trouble from London base Pakistan 1yr
Nawaz Sharif makes political comeback; launches scathing attack on Army, Imran government Pakistan 1yr
PM Imran takes clear, unequivocal stand on Israel Israel 1yr
Opposition lambastes PM Imran for saying Osama bin Laden was 'martyred' 1yr
False flag operation by India imminent: Imran India 2yrs
PM Imran asks rich countries to do more for fragile economies Egypt 2yrs
Pakistan's situation relatively 'better' than other nations hit by virus pandemic: PM Imran Pakistan 2yrs
Cabinet approves PM Imran's Rs1.2tn relief package for coronavirus crisis Pakistan 2yrs
Any attack on Pakistan, AJK to be India’s last mistake: Imran India Pakistan 2yrs
Ehsaas Kafaalat: PM Imran launches welfare programme aimed at uplifting underprivileged women Pakistan 2yrs
US praises Imran for efforts to defuse tensions with Iran US Iran 2yrs
'We are owning you': PM Imran launches health card scheme for transgender community 2yrs
India under Modi is moving systematically with a supremacist agenda, says PM Imran India 2yrs
Welcome peace gesture by Pakistan, says President Rouhani alongside PM Imran Iran Pakistan Saudi Arabia 2yrs
PM Imran assures Erdogan of Pakistan’s support, solidarity over Turkey's Syria operation Pakistan Syria Turkey 2yrs
'Wish I could follow President Xi's example and put 500 corrupt people in Pakistan in jail,' sa... China Pakistan 2yrs
It is a 'jihad', says Imran on Kashmir after returning from US US Pakistan 2yrs
At Muzaffarabad rally, PM Imran calls out 'coward' Modi for oppressing occupied Kashmir residen... 2yrs
Pakistan won't start war or use nukes first against India, says Imran India Pakistan 2yrs
More U.S. lawmakers raise concerns on Kashmir US 2yrs
'All Pakistanis are standing with Kashmiris,' says PM Imran as nation observes Kashmir Hour 2yrs
Will raise Kashmir issue at every international forum: Pak. PM Imran Pakistan 2yrs
India will attempt 'false flag operation' to divert attention from occupied Kashmir, PM Imran w... India Afghanistan 2yrs
PM Imran says no point in talking to India | The Express Tribune India 2yrs
Trump stresses need to reduce India-Pakistan tension in phone calls to PM Imran, Modi 2yrs
India demands action after Imran's 'glaring admission' on 30-40K terrorists in Pakistan | India... India Pakistan 2yrs
Days after Imran visit, US resumes Pakistan aid US Pakistan 2yrs
Pakistan willing to give up nuclear weapons if India does: PM Imran India Pakistan 2yrs
Imran blasts those calling him ‘selected’ PM Pakistan 2yrs
Pak opposition parties plan to join forces to take on Imran Pakistan 2yrs
Twitterati troll Pak PM Imran for posting Tagore's quote as Khalil Jibran's Pakistan 2yrs
Remove Imran, to save nation: Zardari Pakistan 2yrs
PM Imran Proposes Death Penalty For Child Abuse - UrduPoint 2yrs
In Beijing, Imran raises Kashmir issue with Xi China Pakistan 3yrs
Pakistan, Iran to set up joint 'rapid reaction force' for border security Iran Pakistan 3yrs
PM Imran announces award for Pakistan Christchurch hero Naeem Rashid Pakistan New Zealand 3yrs
Arab Coalition targets Houthi reinforcements in Yemen's Hajar Yemen 3yrs
Not worthy of Nobel Peace Prize, says PM Imran 3yrs