Chris Whitty

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NHS under pressure from new Covid wave across England, says Chris Whitty England 6mos
Covid crisis ‘not over’ as hospitalisations to rise for two weeks, warns Chris Whitty 6mos
COVID news live: Boris Johnson announcement today - as scientists write to 'notably silent' Whi... England 7mos
Man suffering ‘delayed maturity’ jailed for harassing Chris Whitty 8mos
Man accused of Chris Whitty assault contests charges in dressing gown 9mos
The exact number of Omicron cases in each Kent district as infections soar UK 9mos
Omicron incubation period may be shorter than other Covid variants, here's what you need to do England 9mos
Covid: Professor Chris Whitty's urgent warning for pregnant women 9mos
BBC cuts off key Omicron update for news on Queen's Christmas lunch plans England 9mos
COVID-19: Puzzling disconnect between government scientists' dire Omicron warnings and their ad... 9mos
Britain may be ‘better off’ with omicron than it was with delta, says Chris Whitty UK 9mos
Lockdown by stealth coming in as people shun pubs and parties 9mos
Chris Whitty v Tory MP Joy Morrissey: who to believe on Covid? 9mos
COVID-19: Pandemic could go on for another 18 months but 'each six months' will be better than... 9mos
Omicron could lead to record daily Covid hospitalisations, MPs told 9mos
Brits told to ‘prioritize’ events amid ‘phenomenal pace’ of Omicron spread England 9mos
Chris Whitty warns Omicron could lead to record UK hospital admissions UK 9mos
MPs question Chris Whitty on impact of Omicron variant – watch live UK England 9mos
COVID news live: Professor Chris Whitty to be questioned by MPs on Omicron - as a million could... UK 9mos

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Covid: people should cut down on socialising, warns Chris Whitty – video UK 9mos
Covid: New UK cases record as Whitty warns worse to come UK 9mos
Vaccines could be less effective against new Covid strain, says Chris Whitty 10mos
Chris Whitty more worried about Delta than new Omicron variant 10mos
Boris Johnson Covid briefing LIVE: Face coverings mandatory; more robust testing 10mos
Public will not comply with any more Covid restrictions, Professor Chris Whitty fears 10mos
New Covid variant is less worrying than delta, says Prof Chris Whitty 10mos
Chris Whitty: Public would need to back more Covid curbs England 10mos
COVID-19: UK daily coronavirus cases highest since July as Professor Chris Whitty warns of 'exc... UK England 11mos
Chris Whitty and key workers honoured in ‘superhero’ charity raft race 1yr
Nicki Minaj: rarely a dull moment for the outspoken rapper 1yr
COVID-19: Professor Chris Whitty says Nicki Minaj 'should be ashamed' over vaccine tweet 1yr
Tories warn jabs for all over 12s will 'pit parents against parents 1yr
Chris Whitty says children aged 12 to 15 to be offered Covid jab – video England 1yr
Chief medical officers approve vaccines for all UK teenagers UK 1yr
UK Covid live: chief medical officers give briefing on vaccinating 12- to 15-year-olds Ireland UK England Scotland 1yr
Chris Whitty 'will approve Covid jabs for teenagers' next week 1yr
Chris Whitty set to approve Covid vaccine for ages 12-15 1yr
Neil Ferguson expects Chris Whitty to approve Covid vaccines for kids 1yr
Chris Whitty warns of 'very sick' young Covid patients in hospital England 1yr
Chris Whitty warns of ‘very sick’ Covid patients as he urges people to get a jab 1yr
Corona bossor harassed: eight weeks imprisonment UK 1yr
Estate agent confesses to assaulting England’s chief medical officer in London’s St James’s Par... England 1yr
Man pleads guilty to assaulting England's top doctor in park England 1yr
Man pleads guilty to assault after Chris Whitty accosted in London park England 1yr
Second man charged after Chris Whitty accosted in London park England 1yr
Chris Whitty says keeping Covid restrictions will only delay next wave – video 1yr
London man charged with assault after viral video showed him harassing UK Covid official Chris... UK England 1yr
Man charged with assault after Chris Whitty was accosted 1yr
Man filmed accosting Chris Whitty loses job as estate agent 1yr
'Despicable': UK's chief medical adviser harassed UK 1yr
Concerns grow for Chris Whitty’s safety after fourth harassment incident England 1yr
Drunken Pöbelten British Corona experts UK 1yr
Prime Minister VK denounces 'deserted intimidation' medical advisor UK 1yr
Boris Johnson condemns the ‘thugs’ who appear to harass England’s chief medical officer England 1yr
‘Thuggery’ threatening public discourse? Brits divided over video of men getting handsy with Ch... UK 1yr
Chris Whitty 'assault' video investigated by police after 'yobbos' grab him England 1yr
UK police investigating after England’s chief medical officer allegedly harassed in park UK England 1yr
Vaccines minister condemns video of Chris Whitty being harassed by ‘thugs’ 1yr
Children ‘may need to get Covid jabs to avoid disruption to education’ 1yr
Schoolchildren could be vaccinated to stop Covid disrupting their education 1yr
Professor Chris Whitty reveals reasons for possibly vaccinating children 1yr
COVID-19: UK's 'big concern' is the South African variant says Chris Whitty UK South Africa 1yr
COVID news live - latest updates: Britons could get third COVID jabs from September as Whitty r... India UK 1yr
Chile virus surge shows vaccine rollout may not end lockdowns, says Chris Whitty Chile 1yr
Top UK health adviser admits lockdowns won't make Covid disappear & society will have to ‘manag... UK England 1yr
No more lockdowns – Britain will treat Covid like flu, says Chris Whitty UK 1yr
Learn to live with Covid in similar way to flu, says Prof Chris Whitty – video UK 1yr
UK's 'wall of vaccination' against Covid is 'leaky', Chris Whitty says UK England 1yr
Chris Whitty issues warning as UK unlocks for first 'Freedom Day' - Covid rules scrapped UK 1yr
Chris Whitty issues warning as UK unlocks for first 'Freedom Day' - Covid rules scrapped UK 1yr
Why adults who've had two vaccine jabs should not hug their grandchildren yet 1yr
Brits may need THIRD Covid vaccine as 'concerning' new variants could hit jabs 1yr
'A class act': Sir Chris Whitty, the calm authority amid the Covid crisis 1yr
‘No doubt’ further Covid waves in autumn, says UK’s chief statistician UK 1yr
Fourth wave of Covid is inevitable because vaccines can't prevent all deaths, Chris Whitty says 1yr
Another Covid surge inevitable, Chris Whitty warns MPs England 1yr
Oxford Covid vaccine found to cut hospital admissions by 94%, new data shows UK 1yr
Mother of boy filmed verbally abusing Chris Whitty confiscates his PlayStation 1yr
UK 'past the peak' of Covid-19 wave, says England's medical officer UK England 1yr
Video appears to show Chris Whitty being verbally abused in street 1yr
Exclusive: Boris Johnson pushes to reopen schools as Covid cases fall 1yr
Chris Whitty 'fury at Guardian over nonsense claim' Pfizer jab only 33% effective 1yr
Chris Whitty's fury at Guardian's 'total nonsense' Pfizer claim Israel 1yr
Robert Jenrick defends government's 12-week vaccine dose strategy 1yr
What happens to unused vaccine doses at the end of the day 1yr
In these grim times we all need a saviour and right now it is Chris Whitty | John Crace 1yr
Next few weeks will be 'worst' of the pandemic despite national lockdown, England’s chief medic... UK England 1yr
Chris Whitty: 'We're now at worst point of coronavirus epidemic' – video UK 1yr
Chris Whitty urges people to stay home in new Covid campaign England 1yr
Chris Whitty urges people to stay home in new Covid campaign – video England 1yr
COVID-19: Some coronavirus restrictions could return next winter, chief medical officer warns UK 1yr
One in 50 infected with Covid-19 in England, says Chris Whitty – video England 1yr
Coronavirus vaccine shortages will last months, warns Chris Whitty 1yr
Vaccine shortages 'will last months' as NHS staff face 'burnout' 1yr
Chris Whitty moves to head off GPs' rebellion over Pfizer Covid vaccine doses 1yr
Chris Whitty warns Covid-19 vaccine shortages will last for months UK England 1yr
Covid vaccine shortages will last months, Chris Whitty says England 1yr
COVID-19: Chief medical officer Chris Whitty warns coronavirus vaccine shortages will last mont... UK 1yr
“Game changer” Oxford vaccine approved for use in UK UK England 1yr
Britain says new coronavirus variant up to 70% more transmissible UK 1yr