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Trump aide Kushner to travel to Qatar, Saudi Arabia in bid to resolve dispute US Saudi Arabia Qatar 1d
Jared Kushner to lead U.S. delegation to Middle East as tensions simmer US Saudi Arabia Qatar 1d
Trump senior aide Kushner and team heading to Saudi Arabia, Qatar Saudi Arabia Qatar 1d
Trump adviser Kushner and team heading to Qatar, Saudi Arabia US Saudi Arabia Qatar 1d
Trump senior aide Kushner and team heading to Saudi Arabia, Qatar Iran Saudi Arabia Qatar 1d
Kushner heading to Saudi Arabia and Qatar amid tensions over Iranian scientist killing Iran Saudi Arabia Qatar 1d
Jared and Ivanka withdrew kids from school 'after parent complaints' 2w
Trump told to throw in towel by son-in-law Kushner, sources claim amid 'sore loser' fears US 3w
Kushner advising Trump not to concede after reports claimed the opposite 3w
Jared Kushner, Trump's faithful son-in-law and adviser who already suggests accepting defeat 3w
Whoopi Goldberg tells Jared Kushner to talk to the white folks who march with Black Lives Matte... 1mo
'Sue if you must': Lincoln Project rejects threat over Kushner and Ivanka billboards 1mo
Ivanka Trump calls out Jared Kushner for not dancing to 'YMCA' 1mo
Video shows covid-positive Hope Hicks touching Air Force One railing ahead of top aides like Ku... US 1mo
Opinion: Trump's taxes tell a tale of debt and desperation 2mos
Kushner Owed Money To Bank Tied To Taiwan’s Government During WH Tenure, New Book Reveals Taiwan 2mos
Bite the bullet and salute Trump and Kushner’s Middle East deal 2mos
Texas Supreme Court blocks county from sending mail-in voting applications to 2M potential vote... 2mos
Kushner hails Middle East peace deals US Israel Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates Bahrain 2mos

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Analysis: The book Kushner suggested reading to get Trump 2mos
No 10 'regrets' Trump administration sanctions on senior figures in International Criminal Cour... 2mos
UK’s Boris Johnson discusses Middle East with Trump adviser Kushner US Israel UK UAE 2mos
Jared Kushner meets Qatari emir for talks US Israel UAE Qatar 2mos
Qatar to Kushner: Two states needed to end Israeli-Palestinian conflict Qatar 2mos
Two-state solution needed for Palestine, Qatar emir tells Kushner Israel UAE Qatar 2mos
Qatar Emir tells Kushner two-state solution needed to end Palestine-Israel conflict Israel Palestine Qatar 2mos
With Kushner in UAE, Iran's leader decries Israel-UAE ties US Iran UAE United Arab Emirates 2mos
With Kushner in UAE, Iran’s leader decries Israel-UAE ties US Iran UAE United Arab Emirates 2mos
After UAE-Israel breakthrough, Kushner pushes other Arabs to go next Israel UAE 2mos
After UAE-Israel deal, Kushner pushes other Arab states for more Saudi Arabia Bahrain 2mos
Kushner, Israeli official visit Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque US Israel UAE 2mos
Saudi Arabia’s crown prince and Kushner discuss resuming Palestinian-Israeli talks US Israel Saudi Arabia Palestine 2mos
Bahrain king tells Kushner Gulf stability relies on Saudi Arabia Israel Saudi Arabia Palestine UAE Bahrain 3mos
Jared Kushner visits US airbase as part of Israel-UAE trip US Israel UAE 3mos
Kushner visits US air base as part of Israel-Emirates trip US United Arab Emirates 3mos
Trump adviser Kushner says peace is also desired by countries' people Israel 3mos
Kushner leads Israeli and UAE negotiators in talks to finalize formal ties US Israel UAE 3mos
US-Israeli flight with Kushner on board takes off for UAE after normalisation deal US Israel UAE 3mos
Kushner visits Western Wall: 'Stage is set' for more Mideast peace 3mos
Kushner hopes for more Arab, Muslim partners for Israel ahead of UAE visit US Israel UAE United Arab Emirates 3mos
‘Stage set’ for Middle East progress, says Kushner US Israel United Arab Emirates 3mos
In Israel, Kushner says ‘stage is set’ for Mideast progress Israel United Arab Emirates 3mos
Kushner heads to Middle East looking to deliver some semblance of a peace deal ahead of electio... Israel United Arab Emirates 3mos
Kushner mocks 'luxury' NBA strike as Pence aide calls athletes 'silly' 3mos
What Pompeo and Kushner are up to Israel 3mos
Kushner says Israel-UAE deal 'should increase the probability' that UAE gets F-35 jets Israel UAE 3mos
Pompeo, Kushner to Mideast as US presses Arab-Israeli peace US Israel United Arab Emirates 3mos
Pompeo, Kushner to Mideast as US presses Arab-Israeli peace US Israel United Arab Emirates 3mos
Kushner's secret push to sell F-35 jets to UAE causes confusion and frustration UAE United Arab Emirates 3mos
Opening Al-Aqsa mosque will limit tensions between Israel, Muslim world: Kushner US Israel 3mos
Wolf presses Kushner: 1,000 deaths a day isn't success, right? 3mos
Kushner slams Palestinians, critics of UAE-Israel peace deal US Israel UAE 3mos
Kushner: US will not approve Israeli annexations for 'some time' US Israel 3mos
After UAE-Israel deal, Kushner slams Palestinian leaders Palestine 3mos
Kushner: Inevitable that Saudi Arabia and Israel will normalize relations Israel Saudi Arabia 3mos
Kushner says Saudi-Israel normalisation 'an inevitability' Israel 3mos
Kushner LAUGHS when asked about Trump's 'birther' attack on Harris 3mos
Amanpour asks Kushner to apologize for Trump's attack on Harris. Hear his response 3mos
Kushner: Israel-UAE treaty marks 'massive change' 3mos
White House's Kushner confirms he met with Kanye West US 3mos
Kushner claims Kanye West meeting was just a 'policy' talk 3mos
Deutsche Bank launches investigation into longtime banker of Trump, Kushner 3mos
Deutsche Bank Opens Review Into Personal Banker to Trump and Kushner 3mos
Kushner COVID-19 plan axed because virus hit Democrats worst: report 4mos
Inside Trump's Virus-hobbled Campaign, Kushner Takes Helm After Parscale Demotion - Newsweek 4mos
Trump was seething after Tulsa. It may be months before his next rally, advisers say 5mos
Bolton just revealed what Donald Trump doesn't grasp 5mos
Brad Parscale faces Trump 'fury' after Tulsa comeback rally flops 5mos
US ‘highly unlikely’ to back July 1 annexation, ToI told; mapping far from done US 5mos
‘Something like 10 principles’: After ‘solving’ Israel/Palestine conflict & coronavirus, Kushne... 6mos
Trevor Noah defends Jared Kushner over comments about postponing US election US 6mos
Kushner reportedly convinced Trump he shouldn't test for coronavirus in March 6mos
Kushner walks back comments on November election 6mos
White House clarifies there is no talk of altering Election Day after Kushner remarks 6mos
Explosive whistleblower report claims Kushner’s inexperienced task force ‘prioritised Trump ass... 6mos
Trump Hails Kushner’s PPE Airlift, But Details of Sales Are Secret 7mos
Kushner calls US coronavirus response a 'success story' as cases pass 1 million US 7mos
CNN reporter on Kushner's victory lap: I don't know what he's talking about US 7mos
Kushner claims Trump border policies ‘vindicated’ by pandemic amid reports he's been removed fr... 7mos
Seeking coronavirus relief, firm with Kushner ties emails Trump admin 7mos
Trump reportedly angry at Kushner over coronavirus screw-ups 8mos
Kushner: US to approve Israeli annexation if Palestinians don't negotiate US Israel 8mos
Netanyahu, Trump, and Kushner Named in 'War Crimes' Lawsuit Filed by Palestinians in US Court US Israel 9mos
Palestinians should ‘tell us where they want to draw the lines’ but Israeli settlements will st... US Israel 9mos
Kushner ‘hopes Israel waits’ on annexation steps in West Bank after Trump’s Mideast plan announ... US Israel 10mos
US will not support West Bank annexation before Israeli elections, Kushner warns US Israel 10mos
Kushner: Palestinians Have Never Done Anything Right in Their Sad, Pathetic Lives 10mos
Kushner heads to Israel with Trump reportedly mulling peace plan reveal US Israel 10mos
WeWork founder Adam Neumann 'helped Kushner craft Mideast peace plan' 1yr
Roger Stone wanted to 'debrief' Kushner on hacked emails, Trump campaign aide says Russia 1yr
White House dismisses 'false' claim Jared OKed Jamal Khasoggi arrest Saudi Arabia 1yr
Jared Kushner attending Saudi conference raises "red flag" with Saudi Arabia in his financial d... Saudi Arabia 1yr
Death of Islamic State leader 'big' but more work lies ahead: Kushner 1yr
Kushner claims much of his work has been 'cleaning up' Biden 'messes' 1yr
It's been a year since Khashoggi's murder. Trump has stopped pretending to care | Mohamad Bazzi Saudi Arabia 1yr
U.S.' Mnuchin, Kushner to attend Saudi conference, visit Israel US Israel Saudi Arabia 1yr
Jared Kushner pictured with Volodymyr Zelensky at diplomat dinner 7 weeks before Trump call Ukraine 1yr
Kushner's Middle East peace plan drifts further astray as envoy resigns Israel 1yr
Jared Kushner saw Donald Trump becoming president as a chance to "dig himself out of" debt and... 1yr
Egypt’s Sisi, Kushner in talks on how ‘to consolidate peace in Mideast in light of instability’ US Egypt 1yr