Carrie Lam

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Hong Kong’s fifth Covid wave delays Carrie Lam’s plan for government overhaul 1mo
Hong Kong logs 3,709 Covid cases, will boost use of traditional Chinese medicine China 1mo
Nominations open for Hong Kong leadership race as Carrie Lam defends exemption 1mo
Hong Kong leadership poll hopefuls could be exempted from social distancing 1mo
Hong Kong considering mass at-home testing to help ‘gauge’ Covid situation 1mo
Hong Kong leader says British judges' resignation 'politically motivated' UK 1mo
Hong Kong confirms 6,981 new Covid-19 infections, 135 deaths 1mo
hong kong: Hong Kong leader says city's brain drain 'unarguable' 1mo
Hong Kong leader concedes anti-pandemic measures contributed to brain drain 1mo
Mainland traditional medicine specialists to advise Hong Kong on Covid approach 1mo
Hong Kong leader asks for help to resume quarantine-free cross-border travel 2mos
Hong Kong’s Covid mortality rate ‘could be lower than thought, but cases higher’ 2mos
Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam faces grilling over Covid crisis exit strategy 2mos
Hong Kong is forewarned about the next Covid wave, but is it forearmed? 2mos
Hong Kong jobless subsidy receives nearly 180,000 applications within 3 days 2mos
Carrie Lam ‘to relax Covid flight suspension mechanism’ 2mos
Hong Kong Bar chief picked for seat on selection panel for city’s judges 2mos
Hong Kong to distribute kits with masks, Covid tests to 3 million households 2mos
Hong Kong to step up use of traditional Chinese medicine in Covid fight China 2mos

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Testing orders more ‘effective’ in assessing Hong Kong’s pandemic situation: Lam 2mos
Hong Kong leader to review flight suspensions, says reopening mainland border still a ‘priority... 2mos
COVID-19: In the middle of the fifth wave, Hongkong relaxes the control measures 2mos
A game changer for Hong Kong? Carrie Lam’s Covid ‘balancing act’ 2mos
Video: Hong Kong to Lift Bans on Flights 2mos
Hong Kong to ease tough Covid-control measures from next month 2mos
Hong Kong lifts flight bans, suspends mandatory mass testing amid waning tolerance for ‘zero co... 2mos
Hong Kong to lift flight bans, reduce quarantine stays; mass testing on hold 2mos
Hong Kong leader says Covid flight ban on 9 countries no longer necessary US UK 2mos
Hong Kong will lift its bans on flights from nine countries. 2mos
Hong Kong leader to reveal eased Covid-19 rules earliest Monday 2mos
Banks 'losing patience' after Hong Kong's zero-Covid policy fails 2mos
‘Frank words’, warnings prompted Hong Kong leader’s rethink of anti-Covid measures 2mos
hong kong: Hong Kong leader to review Covid restrictions in coming days 2mos
hong kong: Hong Kong leader to review Covid restrictions in coming days 2mos
Hong Kong leader’s daily Covid-19 briefings ‘may undermine credibility instead’ 2mos
City leader Carrie Lam approves Hong Kong’s controversial rent deferral plan 2mos
Hong Kong should learn from Shenzhen’s ‘organised’ Covid-19 lockdown: observers 2mos
Hong Kong leader says no plans to tighten COVID social distancing measures 2mos
Coronavirus: 75 mainland medical workers to arrive in Hong Kong on Monday 2mos
Mainland Chinese workers think twice about Hong Kong Covid care jobs China 2mos
Hong Kong leader says city is not yet past Covid peak China 2mos
Hong Kong leader admits efforts to push Covid jab for elderly were ‘not enough’ China Singapore 2mos
hong kong: Hong Kong leader plans to reopen city after controlling latest Covid outbreak US UK 2mos
hong kong: Hong Kong leader plans to reopen city after controlling latest COVID outbreak US UK 2mos
Carrie Lam signals major shift in Covid fight, vows to limit deaths and severe cases 2mos
Hong Kong leader to update public daily on Covid-19 work until ‘battle is won’ 2mos
Hong Kong leader says no fixed timeframe for mass testing as Covid deaths soar 2mos
Hong Kong leader says no fixed time frame for mass testing 2mos
Carrie Lam confirms universal testing still on the cards, but more time needed 2mos
Hong Kong’s leader goes quiet as city’s COVID-19 crisis deepens 2mos
Amid panic buying and lockdown fear, Carrie Lam has again failed Xi’s remit 2mos
Hong Kong leader turns down invite to ‘two sessions’ in Beijing 3mos
How Carrie Lam’s Omicron failures forced Beijing to take over 3mos
Infected Hongkongers share fears, anger over prolonged wait at home for help 3mos
Chief Exec. Carrie Lam advises lawmakers to ‘significantly reduce’ questions on gov’t work, cit... 3mos
Hong Kong to test entire population of 7.5m for Covid in March 3mos
What was Carrie Lam told about delaying Hong Kong poll in Shenzhen meeting? 3mos
Hong Kong Covid surge is overwhelming hospitals, says leader China 3mos
Will Beijing extend Hong Kong leader’s term if Covid-19 crisis runs past poll day? 3mos
Hong Kong delays an election amid a Covid surge as leaders ‘focus on the epidemic.’ 3mos
Thousands of Hong Kong hotels identified as COVID-19 quarantine centres 3mos
Hong Kong postpones chief executive election over Covid-19 crisis 3mos
BREAKING: Hong Kong postpones leadership polls as city struggles to contain Covid outbreak 3mos
Hong Kong considering universal testing to combat fifth wave: Carrie Lam 3mos
Hong Kong has ‘no plans’ for full lockdown, city’s leader insists 3mos
Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam stays mum on whether she will seek re-election 3mos
New housing blocks to be used as Covid isolation facilities: Hong Kong leader 3mos
Hong Kong overwhelmed by the Covid 'onslaught,' Carrie Lam says 3mos
Covid ‘onslaught’ has overwhelmed Hong Kong’s capacity as cases surge, leader says China 3mos
Carrie Lam’s tough love is hurting Hong Kong children, families and elderly 3mos
Time for Carrie Lam and reformed Legco to end modern slavery in Hong Kong 3mos
Hong Kong leader 'deeply sorry' for long queues amid COVID surge 3mos
Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam apologises for long Covid testing queues as new restrictions bite 3mos
Next month’s leadership race ‘will go ahead as planned’ despite Covid surge 3mos
Covid live news: Hong Kong faces more restrictions after record cases; Canada warns US Republic... US Canada 3mos
Religious groups call for amnesty for Hong Kongers charged under national security law 3mos
Hong Kong home affairs chief Caspar Tsui quits over scandal-hit party 3mos
Hong Kong leader to miss Beijing Winter Olympics opening ceremony 3mos
Soothsayers say Year of the Tiger will be good for Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam 3mos
Hong Kong to shorten 21-day Covid-19 quarantine to 14 days for incoming travellers 4mos
Omicron: Hong Kong to shorten 21-day quarantine for arrivals 4mos
Covid-19: Carrie Lam says she removes mask at press events so Hongkongers can see and feel her... 4mos
Hong Kong leader gives reason for not wearing mask 4mos
Carrie Lam confirms Hong Kong home affairs chief’s suspension has been extended 4mos
Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam defends decision to shed mask at certain events 4mos
Hong Kong leader warns of worsening COVID-19 outbreak, defends hamster cull | CBC 4mos
Hong Kong defends hamster cull amid worsening COVID-19 outbreak 4mos
Hong Kong warns of worsening COVID outbreak as leader defends hamster cull 4mos
COVID: Hong Kong leader defends hamster cull 4mos
Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam defends Covid hamster cull 4mos
Hong Kong leader promises ‘fairness and truth’ in probes into alleged rule breaches 4mos
Hong Kong leader ‘worried’ about outbreak of 2 Covid-19 variants at same time 4mos
Carrie Lam should focus on our children’s well-being, rather than politics 4mos
Does Carrie Lam’s plan to overhaul Hong Kong’s government go far enough? 4mos
Hong Kong’s Lam unveils plans for new gov’t bureaux in first ‘patriots-only’ legislative meetin... 4mos
Hong Kong to create more ‘national security’ crimes, Chief Exec. Carrie Lam says 4mos
Hong Kong taxi fares could rise to fund changes to service and safety issues 4mos
Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam vows to bring in new security laws 4mos
Hong Kong leader defends Omicron handling, pushes bureau revamp at Legco meeting 4mos
Hong Kong to draw up own ‘national security’ law 4mos