Lindsey Graham

United States Senator from South Carolina more on Wikipedia

Lindsey Graham says US company should take over TikTok US 6d
Erdogan backs off oil row with Trump US Syria Turkey 6d
US Senator Lindsey Graham: The commander of the Syrian democratic forces, General Mazloum Abdî,... US Syria 1w
Lindsey Graham campaign ad appears to show opponent with digitally darkened skin 1w
Lindsey Graham breaks with Trump in Fauci feud 3w
Lindsey Graham vows Mueller will testify after op-ed on Trump's clemency for ally Roger Stone Russia 3w
Lindsey Graham's opponent shatters record with nearly $14m in recent fundraising 1mo
Lindsey Graham's opponent shatters record with nearly $14m in recent fundraising 1mo
Vive la #Resistance? Pundits Twitter-duel after Lindsey Graham accuses Democrats of channeling... France 1mo
Lindsey Graham praises Joe Biden and calls Donald Trump a 'race-baiting, xenophobic, religious... US 1mo
Trump demands Obama testify to Senate over 'Obamagate' conspiracy theory 2mos
‘I haven’t heard anything directly’: Lindsey Graham makes headlines by weighing in on Kim Jong-... North Korea 3mos
US senator Lindsey Graham believes Kim Yong Un ‘dead or incapacitated’ US North Korea 3mos
Kim Jong-un 'likely dead or incapacitated' says Sen. Lindsey Graham as leaders monitor death re... US North Korea 3mos
Senator Lindsey Graham adds weight to rumours Kim Jong Un is dead US 3mos
Lindsey Graham: I would be 'shocked' if North Korea's Kim Jong Un is not 'dead or incapacitated... North Korea 3mos
Sen. Graham calls on China to close all wet markets amid coronavirus outbreak China US 4mos
Protect our Speech and Security Online: Reject the Graham-Blumenthal Bill US 4mos
U.S. senator Graham calls for no-fly zone in Syria's Idlib US Syria 5mos

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Jill Biden: I don't know what happened to Lindsey Graham, he used to be a friend 6mos
Jill Biden says her family is no longer friends with Lindsey Graham 6mos
Lindsey Graham Bizarrely Defends Trump: 'He Did Nothing Wrong In His Mind' US 6mos
Graham says he told Trump on Iran: 'Cultural sites, religious sites are not lawful targets' US Iran 7mos
Sen. Lindsey Graham says U.S. should target Iranian oil fields and refineries: "The one thing t... US Iran Syria Iraq 7mos
Lindsey Graham says he is 'not a fair juror' on impeachment and will vote against Trump’s remov... 7mos
Lindsey Graham Says He's 'Made Up' His Mind Before Trump’s Senate Trial Even Starts 7mos
'I'm not trying to pretend to be a fair juror here': Graham predicts Trump impeachment will 'di... 7mos
Trump impeachment: Lindsey Graham will 'not pretend to be a fair juror' 7mos
Could an independent watchdog's FBI report banish Trump's conspiracy theories? No chance 7mos
U.S. senators want Turkey sanctioned over Russia missile system: letter US Russia Turkey 8mos
Sen. Graham shows his true colors in phone call with fake Turkish minister Armenia Turkey 8mos
White House told Lindsey Graham to block Armenia genocide resolution Armenia 8mos
Lindsey Graham says he blocked a Senate resolution recognizing the Armenian genocide because th... Armenia Turkey 8mos
'I said sure': Lindsey Graham blocked Armenian genocide resolution at White House request Armenia Turkey 8mos
'I said sure': Lindsey Graham blocked Armenian genocide resolution at White House request Armenia Turkey 8mos
White House asked Lindsey Graham to block Armenian genocide resolution Armenia Turkey 8mos
Biden: Lindsey Graham will 'regret his whole life' doing Trump's bidding on Ukraine Ukraine 8mos
Video of Lindsey Graham praising Joe Biden resurfaces amid Ukraine corruption probe: "As good a... Ukraine 8mos
Lindsey Graham faces heat from right-wing media 8mos
Senator Lindsey Graham’s Ties with Turkish Lobbyists – Armenian Center for American Studies US Armenia Turkey 8mos
The Armenian Center for American Studies reveals Senator Lindsey Graham’s ties with Turkish Lob... Armenia Turkey 8mos
Erdogan upends Oval Office meeting with Trump and GOP senators to play anti-Kurd film on iPad 8mos
Trump ally blocks resolution recognising Armenian genocide after meeting with Erdogan Armenia 8mos
US Senator blocks move to say Armenian mass killing was genocide - BBC News US Armenia Turkey 8mos
Graham blocks resolution recognizing Armenian genocide after Erdoğan meeting Armenia Ottoman Empire 8mos
Senator Graham: I won't watch this hearing. It's 'un-American' 8mos
Lindsey Graham says Trump whistleblower 'interacted' with Adam Schiff Ukraine 8mos
Graham: Impeachment 'dead on arrival' in Senate without whistleblower testimony 8mos
Graham billboard showcases old Trump attack 9mos
Lindsey Graham says Trump's White House is 'incapable' of putting quid pro quo together Ukraine 9mos
Lindsey Graham's Ukraine explanation will blow your mind Ukraine 9mos
Lindsey Graham calls impeachment inquiry developments 'a bunch of BS'  9mos
See Republican senator's reaction to key diplomat's admission US Ukraine 9mos
The Latest: Graham dismisses impeachment probe developments 9mos
Lindsey Graham called out on impeachment contradictions 9mos
New impeachment inquiry subpoenas issued for three Trump officials 9mos
Sen. Graham praises Bill Clinton's impeachment fight compared to Trump 9mos
Cuomo to Graham: Impeachment hasn't changed ... you have 9mos
Lindsey Graham introduces resolution condemning impeachment inquiry 9mos
Lindsey Graham lashes out at impeachment inquiry as 'out of bounds' US 9mos
Senators to temporarily halt push for sanctions on Turkey: Graham Syria Turkey 9mos
‘Where’s Lindsey?’ Graham slammed by conservatives & liberals alike while trying to sit on two... 9mos
Lindsey Graham does not rule out the possibility of Trump impeachment if new evidence emerges 9mos
Syria critic Lindsey Graham reverses stance, says Trump's policy could succeed Syria 9mos
U.S. lawmakers continuing Turkey sanctions push despite ceasefire US Turkey 9mos
Lindsey Graham accused of hypocrisy by author for criticizing Trump over Syria: "This is your m... US Syria 9mos
Lindsey Graham blasts Trump's Syria statements as "worse than President Obama's decision to lea... Syria Iraq 9mos
Trump trashes Lindsey Graham over criticism of Syria policy Syria Turkey 9mos
U.S. attorney charges Turkish bank with sanctions violations in case Trump tried to get dropped US Iran Russia Syria Turkey 9mos
U.S. Senator Graham says he will introduce Turkey sanctions bill on Thursday US Turkey 9mos
Lindsey Graham says Turkey's Erdogan "misjudged Trump" over Syria "and he sure as hell misjudge... US Syria Turkey 9mos
U.S. Senator Graham says he strongly supports Trump on Turkey sanctions US Turkey 9mos
U.S. House Speaker Pelosi backs bipartisan sanctions on Turkey: Graham US Turkey 9mos
Senators draft bipartisan sanctions bill over Turkey's assault on Syrian Kurds Syria Turkey 9mos
‘They got him’: Lindsey Graham says ‘sympathetic’ to Turkey’s ‘YPG problem’ in call with Russia... Russia Turkey 9mos
Sen. Lindsey Graham prank called by Russians Turkey 9mos
US House GOP to Introduce Sanctions Against Turkey in Response to Its Military Operation in Syr... US Syria Turkey 9mos
Lindsey Graham prank called by Russians pretending to be Turkish defense minister Turkey 9mos
Lindsey Graham tricked by Russians in prank phone call Russia 9mos
Lindsey Graham dishes on Trump in hoax calls with Russians 9mos
U.S. senators release outline for proposed sanctions on Turkey US Turkey 9mos
Trump defends Syria decision as Graham steps up criticism Syria 9mos
Lindsey Graham attacks Trump for ‘shamelessly abandoning’ Kurdish allies US Syria 9mos
Lindsey Graham to give Trump's lawyer platform in Senate for debunked Ukraine conspiracy theory Ukraine 10mos
Trump left isolated as Republican allies revolt over US withdrawal from Syria US Syria 10mos
Lindsey Graham, one of Trump's greatest defenders, says ISIS being defeated is "biggest lie" to... US 10mos
Trump ally: US pullout from Syria will put Israel at risk US Iran Israel Syria 10mos
Republican rips into Trump for removing troops from Syria US Syria Turkey 10mos
Trump justifies betraying the Kurds: They "fought with us, but were paid massive amounts of mon... 10mos
Ardent Trump defender Graham calls decision to withdraw from Syria ‘DISASTER in the making’ US Syria Turkey 10mos
Lindsey Graham turns on Trump over ‘disaster’ Syria move US Syria 10mos
Lindsey Graham calls Trump's Syria decision a 'disaster in the making' – live Syria Turkey 10mos
Lindsey Graham calls Trump's Syria decision a 'disaster in the making' – live Syria Turkey 10mos
Australian ambassador to Washington rejects key claim by Lindsey Graham Australia 10mos
U.S. Senator Graham says he is trying to get Turkey back in F-35 fold US Turkey fold 10mos
Trump says he has 'plenty of time' to do 'dastardly things' to Iran US Iran 10mos
Trump hits back at Lindsey Graham after he accused him of 'weakness' US 10mos
US 'Lies' Slammed After Pompeo, Without Proof, Blames Iran for Drone Attacks US Iran 10mos
Pompeo blames Iran for drone attack on Saudi oil facilities, Senator Graham urges to strike it US Iran Yemen Saudi Arabia 10mos
Graham: US should consider strike on Iranian oil refineries after attack on Saudi Arabia US Iran Saudi Arabia 10mos