Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

Iranian Shiite faqih, Marja' and official independent islamic leader more on Wikipedia

Ali Khamenei says Iran will not negotiate with 'old man' Trump US Iran 4d
Iran Won’t Negotiate With U.S., Supreme Leader Says US Iran 6d
Iran's Khamenei says sanctions failed, no talks with Trump US Iran 1w
Iran Will Expand Nuclear Program and Won’t Talk to U.S., Ayatollah Says US Iran 1w
Iran's Khamenei Rejects Talks With U.S. Over Missile, Nuclear Programs US Iran 1w
Iran declines any conversation with US President Trump US Iran 1w
Human rights groups condemn Iran’s decision to execute three protesters Iran 3w
Iran's Khamenei says Floyd's killing exposes real nature of U.S. US Iran 2mos
Virus Lockdown Forces Iran Into Its First Virtual Quds Day Iran Israel Palestine 2mos
Iran's supreme leader says Israel is a 'cancerous tumor' Iran Israel 2mos
Iran's Khamenei denounces Israel as "tumor" that will be eliminated Iran Israel 2mos
Iran's Khamenei says Israel is a 'cancerous tumor' in Middle East Iran Israel 2mos
World War 3: Iran supreme leader vows to support ANY nation or group that fights Israel Iran Israel 2mos
Iran's supreme leader releases anti-Israel poster Iran 2mos
Iran will support any nation or group that fights Israel: supreme leader Iran Israel 2mos
Americans will be expelled from Iraq and Syria: Iran Supreme Leader Iran Syria Iraq 2mos
Iranian activists call out Khamenei for worsening coronavirus outbreak Iran 4mos
Iranian activists call out Khamenei for worsening coronavirus outbreak Iran 4mos
Iranian activists call out Khamenei for worsening coronavirus outbreak Iran 4mos

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'Tremendously dangerous': In Iran, conspiracy theories and religious bickering slow COVID-19 re... Iran 4mos
Rouhani calls US offer to fight coronavirus 'great lie’ US 4mos
Khamenei: US offer to help Iran 'strange' US Iran 4mos
Iran leader refuses US help; cites coronavirus conspiracy theory US Iran 4mos
Iran leader hints at conspiracy coronavirus could be 'man-made by US' US Iran 4mos
Iran leader refuses U.S. help, citing coronavirus conspiracy theory US Iran 4mos
Khamenei slams 'strange' US offer to help fight coronavirus while crippling sanctions remain US Iran 4mos
Khamenei says U.S. sanctions forced Iran to become 'self-sufficient' US Iran 4mos
A Hostage-Taker Dies in Iran and Other Coronavirus Stories Iran 5mos
Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei downplays coronavirus despite nation’s 77 deaths Iran 5mos
Conservatives seen tightening grip as Iran votes for parliament Iran 5mos
Iranian supreme leader: Trump controlled by wealthy Zionists, corporate owners US Iran 5mos
‘We turned their pressure into opportunity’: Supreme Leader hails Iranian Air Force built up de... US Iran 6mos
Iran's Khamenei calls for a high turnout in February parliament election: TV affiliated website Iran 6mos
Ayatollah Khamenei says it is essential to protect revolutionary fervor 6mos
Iran's Khamenei says Trump's Middle East peace plan is doomed to fail US Iran 6mos
Iran’s State Media Distort Western News Coverage of Rare Khamenei Sermon US Iran Germany France UK 6mos
Iran's leader talks tough, but the knives are out for him Iran 6mos
Iran plane crash: Khamenei defends armed forces in rare address - BBC News Iran 6mos
Iran's supreme leader says missile strikes against US were 'a day of God' US Iran 6mos
Former Parliament Speaker Tells Khamenei He Is Unfit To Run The Country Iran 6mos
Iran's supreme leader Khamenei calls for 'strengthening' of ties in region US Iran 6mos
Protests Erupt in Iran after Military Admits Downing Ukrainian Passenger Jet: "Death to the Dic... Iran Ukrania 6mos
Stampede Kills Dozens at Funeral Procession for Iranian General Killed in U.S. Drone Strike US Iran 7mos
Anti-US protest in Delhi against Iranian General Qassem Suleimani's killing US Iran Israel 7mos
"Never Threaten The Iranian Nation": President Hassan Rouhani Warns Trump US Iran 7mos
An emotional Khamenei shows Iran general's death is personal Iran United Arab Emirates 7mos
'Iranian Hackers' Claim Breach of US Govt Website, Post Messages of Revenge for Death of Soleim... US Iran 7mos
SPECIAL REPORT- Iran’s Leader Ordered Crackdown on Unrest: "Do Whatever It Takes to End It" | K... Iran 7mos
Iran says 200,000 took to streets in anti-government protests Iran 8mos
Iran's Exiled Crown Prince Says Khamenei's Remarks About Protesters 'Cowardly' Iran 8mos
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei brands Iranian fuel protesters as hooligans Iran 8mos
Fears of more violence in Iran as Ayatollah brands protesters 'thugs' Iran 8mos
Iran: 36 killed in protests against fuel price hike Iran 8mos
At least three dead and hundreds arrested amid Iran petrol protests Iran 8mos
Iran's Khamenei backs fuel price hike, slams 'hooligans' Iran 8mos
Iran’s Supreme Leader Condemns Protesters as ‘Thugs’ Iran 8mos
Iran leader throws weight behind fuel price rise Iran 8mos
Iran Supreme Leader Khamenei backs gov't on petrol price hikes Iran 8mos
Khamenei blames counter-revolution, enemies for 'sabotage' in Iran gasoline price protests Iran 8mos
Iran’s top leader grants mass jail pardon on Islamic holiday Iran 8mos
Iran’s supreme leader slams ‘naïve’ Macron over failed efforts to push talks with US US Iran France Saudi Arabia 9mos
US Treasury sanctions Khamenei’s son & Iran’s General Staff on 40th anniversary of American emb... US Iran 9mos
Macron is either naive or a US accomplice: Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei blasts French preside... US Iran France 9mos
Iran's Supreme Leader Khamenei rules out talks with the US US Iran 9mos
‘100% wrong’ to think talks with ‘the enemy’ US will benefit Iran - Supreme Leader Khamenei US Iran 9mos
Khamenei tells Iran's Guards to develop more advanced, modern weapons Iran 9mos
Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei calls Europe untrustworthy US Iran 10mos
Time for Iran to ‘give up hope’ on Europe defying US sanctions – Supreme Leader Khamenei US Iran 10mos
Khamenei says Iran should give up hope of European help against U.S. sanctions US Iran 10mos
Iran's hardliners call the shots and they're in no mood for compromise Iran Saudi Arabia 10mos
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei rules out talks with US after attacks on Saudi oil bases US Iran Saudi Arabia 10mos
Iran will not hold talks with the US 'at any level', says Ayatollah Ali Khamenei US Iran 10mos
Iran will not hold talks with the US 'at any level', says Ayatollah Ali Khamenei – video US Iran 10mos
Iran's supreme leader rules out any talks with US officials US Iran 10mos
Ahead of UN meeting, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei says ‘there will be no talks... US Iran 10mos
Iran’s supreme leader: No talk with the US at any level US Iran 10mos
Female activists demand Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei resign Iran 11mos
UAE says Khamenei meeting proves Houthis are Iran's proxy Iran Yemen 11mos
Iran’s Supreme Leader Pledges Support for Yemen’s Houthis Iran Yemen 11mos
Iran's Khamenei backs Yemen's Houthi movement, calls for dialogue Iran Yemen 11mos
Iran's Khamenei urges haj pilgrims to oppose U.S.... US Iran 11mos
Washington imposes sanctions on the head of Iranian diplomacy Iran 1yr
Iran supreme leader: People's will prevail in Bahrain after protests Iran Bahrain 1yr
This Iranian Commander Kept Secret That Israeli F-35 Stealth Fighters Had Violated Iran Airspac... Iran Israel 1yr
Top Khamenei aide says no talks with U.S. under any circumstances US Iran 1yr
Iran official hails downing of U.S. drone, tanker seizure as... US Iran 1yr
Iran boasts Hamas has 'precision missiles’ to ‘return the Holy Land to Islam’ Iran the Holy Land 1yr
Hamas meets Iran's supreme leader during warm visit Iran Palestine 1yr
Iran's supreme leader says UK's 'evil' seizure of oil tanker will not go 'unanswered' Iran UK 1yr
Rejecting Diplomacy, Iran’s Top Leader Vows to Avenge ‘Vicious’ Seizure of Tanker Iran 1yr
Khamenei says Iran to continue to cut nuclear deal commitments Iran 1yr
Khamenei vows Iran will respond to UK 'piracy' over tanker seizure Iran UK 1yr
Iran to consider talks with US only if sanctions lifted and Khamenei permits: minister US Iran 1yr
Iran says it could consider talks with U.S. only if sanctions lifted and Khamenei permits US Iran 1yr
Supreme leader says Iranians won't budge over US sanctions US Iran 1yr
United States will sanction any countries that import Iranian oil US Iran 1yr
Iran’s Supreme Leader Vows Never to Give In to U.S. Sanctions US Iran 1yr
Iran unbowed by US 'insults', says supreme leader Khamenei US Iran 1yr
Iran's Khamenei says nation will not retreat in face of U.S.... US Iran 1yr
Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei says nation will not retreat in face of US sanctions and 'insults... US Iran 1yr